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Model: STAR_BIN_07

Sensor Double Kitchen Bin - 70 L - rectangular

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  • Contactless—opens and closes automatically
  • Motion sensor—range of approx. 20 cm and LED display
  • Flexible—one bin liner or two separate bin liners for waste separation
  • Mobile—battery-powered and with practical handles
  • Hygienic—easy to clean thanks to durable stainless steel housing material


Dual kitchen bin with 70 L volume

A kitchen bin should be hygienic above all else. That's why the sensor double kitchen bin STAR-BIN_07 opens as soon as you approach it and then closes automatically. There's no need to touch the bin to open it, making it both convenient and sanitary. Throwing away your rubbish has never been easier!

Practical, elegant, hygienic—the sensor kitchen bin from Fromm & Starck

The lid of this sensor trash can remains tightly closed, preventing odours from escaping, until you approach within 20 cm with a bit of paper or an apple core. The motion sensor opens the lid automatically so you can conveniently place your rubbish in the bin. As soon as the sensor no longer senses movement, it waits five seconds and then closes the lid. The holding time is counted down on an LED display.

The automatic system with motion detector has numerous advantages: The bin's lid only opens if you want to throw something out, the rest of the time it remains closed. This is particularly important for perishable rubbish. You don't have to touch the lid and can thereby protect your health. And of course it is convenient when the motion sensor trash can opens automatically.

You can use this automatic dual trash can to separate your rubbish. Inside the 70 L housing, you can attach either one large or two separate bin liners using a bin liner holder. This enables you to separate, for example, general rubbish and plastic in a single bin. The bin liners can be effortlessly replaced. The durable stainless steel housing is particularly easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.

There is an on/off switch for the sensor in a protected location. The automatic sensor is powered by six Mignon AA batteries (not included), so you can set up the sensor bin independently of any external power source. The lid of the automatic garbage bin can also be opened manually if needed.