Pick an industry! Winches have been a revolutionary tool in construction, engineering, agriculture, manufacturing, roadside assistance, and emergency services for decades. Any industry where hauling heavy loads is part of the daily job. These heavy lifting machines were originally designed to assist in the burden of the manual lifting and manoeuvring heavy goods and vehicles. Our modern range from the experts at MSW Motors Technics employ cutting-edge engineering and craftsmanship to create fully motorised lifting appliances that can be adapted to suit a wide variety tasks and breakdowns, indoors and out.

Strength and stability on site or on the road

• To tow heavy materials like wood, trees, or cars • Ideal for breakdown response services • Wide range of towing strengths • 12V engines • Flexible manoeuvring: Forward-feed and retraction • Operated by cabled or wireless remote-control

In all industries where heavy lifting is a daily duty, from construction and engineering to transport, forestry, and more, our fully motorised winches from our craft supplies range, are a reliable way to ensure safe and energy-efficient manoeuvring, in all kinds of conditions; from hauling heavy goods on your site or warehouse, to towing a wide range of vehicles on the farm or roadside. Our winches are even easy to install and operate for private users. Choose from a wide range of towing strengths: Our cheapest winches, with 2000 lbs tractive force, and 1PS/ 12V motor is ideal for constructions materials, engines, and small vehicles such as quads and bikes. And our strongest winches, with a 13500 lbs tractive force and a 6PS/ 12V motor is ideal for all manner of roadside and emergency response services, with the capacity to haul heavy vehicles, trailers, tree trunks, and other large debris. For an alternative way to haul heavy steal debris, engines, and vehicle parts, also take a look at our range of heavy duty lifting magnets. Regardless of which model you choose, our heavy-duty winches are designed to offer flexible and comfortable use, even in difficult lifting scenarios. Their specially designed gears allow for both forward feed and retraction, with the entire process operated by remote control at your chosen pace and from a safe distance.

Lift, haul, pull and manoeuvre with power

• Automatic brake system • Weather resistant • Lightweight • Easy installation • Install on a wide range of vehicles • Accessories included: mount plate, cables, hooks

Safety is at the forefront of the entire Expondo range, from our range of catering equipment to our industrial supplies for labs and factories. For a safer lifting process, all of our lightweight winches feature an automatic brake to ensure a secure hold of your load, even if the lifting process has to be stopped suddenly for any reason. Should the need arise, our winches also feature a manual clutch and free-spooling winch, allowing you to manual unspool the cable at your chosen pace. Each machine is fitted with sturdy 9.5mm steel wire connection cables (up to 25m in length) which are housed in a protective casing, guarding the cables from any possible obstructions or corrosion. Additionally, our weather-resistant winches range can be operated both indoors and out, with the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. All our winches are delivered accessories included, such as hooks, cables, and sturdy steel mounting plates which can be easily fitted on most common vehicle types (no need for customisation). To allow for additional vehicle-use, extra mounting plates can also be purchased separately from our full winches range, and are ready for use with holes for power cables, pre-drilled as standard. In our wide range of professional tools, you’ll find plenty more lifting solutions such as crane trolleys, lever blocks, and chain hoists. Our lever blocks are ideal for manually lifting heavy materials and structures to and from an elevated height, especially useful on constructions sites. Whatever industry you call your own, be sure to protect your goods, vehicles and professional power tools from damage or potential theft. Our range of secure garage doors are ideal for both private and professional garages, warehouses, and storerooms. Because whether you’re working on site, out on the road, or locking up for the day, safety is key.