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Model: WIE-FE-110

Factory second Hay Rack - for horses - 60 x 30 x 40 cm

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  • Stable – made of 2 mm sheet steel with black powder coating
  • Large – ideal for long-term feeding thanks to dimensions of 60 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Simple – very easy to fill via the large opening in the top
  • Professional – species-appropriate, targeted and slow feeding of horses thanks to ideal grille size
  • Environmentally-friendly – thanks to long service life


Species-appropriate and economical feeding with the hay rack from Wiesenfield

Feed your animals with the hay rack without scattering and soiling the food. The hay rack reliably prevents livestock from eating wet or spoiled food. It also extends the feeding time, which corresponds to natural eating behaviour, and can thus prevent colic, obesity or diabetes. The robust hay feeder for horses from Wiesenfield's agricultural supplies collection is an indispensable helper for any farm!

Save time and money with the sturdy metal hay manger

The metal hay rack measures 60 x 30 x 40 cm and can be filled with plenty of hay. The weatherproof metal hay feeder is made of 1.5 mm-thick galvanised sheet steel. This material is highly robust and weather-resistant, so the hay rack can also be installed outdoors without any problems, for example to feed the animals in their outdoor enclosure in winter.

It is easily attached to railings, fences or wire mesh without tools using the hook-in function. The compact design of the hay rack takes up very little space and thus ensures more space to move even in cramped stalls.

The hay rack's iron bars make it ideal for feeding horses. The animals can never pluck too much hay at once from the hay feeder and accidentally scatter it everywhere in the barn or enclosure, which would soil the expensive hay and make it inedible. This also causes the animals to eat more slowly and chew more thoroughly, which is very good for their digestion.