Wet Stone Polisher

Working with stone can be a rock-hard task. Whether you’re working in a craft-shop, studio, in the garden or on a construction side, you need an ergonomic, high-powered device that gives you excellent control and quality results. The lightweight wet stone polisher from the hardware experts at MSW handles with ease and gives great results on a wide range of stone materials, together with professional safety and stability standards. Read on and discover why it’s our top choice for professional and private use.

Polish it off!

  • Suitable on granite, marble and stone
  • MSW standards: Efficiency and safety, stability
  • Swap pads easily between jobs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powered with 900 W
  • - Continually adjustable rpm

Our wet stone polisher from MSW is suitable across a wide range of professions, from landscaping and construction, to interior décor, tiling, sculptor and gravestone design. With its intuitive design, the MSW wet stone polisher is even safe for home DIY and craft. Get the perfect finish whether you’re shaping and grinding or looking for that perfect polished shine. Found in our wide range of power tools, this wet stone polisher is suitable to use with a range of rock types such as granite, marble and stone, and will give you excellent control to create smooth shapes, curves and edges. The wet stone polisher has adaptable speed control so you can switch between 1000 to 4000 rpm, depending on the job in hand. As with all professional tools from MWS, this handheld wet stone polisher is crafted with long-lasting, robust materials and designed with long-term use in mind – its light weight and ergonomic handling ensures minimal strain and maximum control throughout use, even during lengthy grinding jobs. The device produces a consistent, clean, and even wet polish thanks to its central water supply. Switching between grinding and polishing disks is easy (always use discs with a diameter of up to 5 "), and each wet stone polisher even includes two carbon brushes as standard.

Metal, stone, wood, and plastics

  • Multi-purpose devices
  • Suitable on wood, metal, plastic and stone
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Burnishing with a variety of finishes
  • Orbital grinders for large areas
  • Detail sanders for fine detail

At Expondo, we understand the convenience and value-for-money of a powerful, multipurpose device. When it comes to working with metal, stone, wood and even plastic, we’ve got grinding and polishing machines that can tackle all four in our wide range of electric sanders. For tackling jobs with a wide surface area, our two-handed burnishing machine from MSW offers maximum comfort while you work. The device is designed for use with metal, wood, and plastic and creates a broad range of finishes such as grinding, polishing, matting and brushing. This one-stop device can be fitted with numerous brushes, also available on our website, such as sanding mops and nylon brushes. Our orbital sander is also great for tackling wide surface, and is ideal for grinding wood and stone in the workshop or at home. It’s also a handy tool for professionals in the automotive trade, for gently removing rust from metal surfaces. The comfortable handle, and additional front handle, ensures a stable operation and maximum comfort for the user. For working with corners, edges, details, and engraving, our detail sander gives you excellent precision even on awkward, uneven surfaces. It’s compact, pointed grinding area and ergonomic handling provide excellent control over speed, angle and force, and allows you to tackle fine details with delicacy. So, whether the task is large or small, it can be tackled with precision and skill. Before you go, don’t forget that we cater for all kinds of businesses here at Expondo. Our range of catering equipment features everything from stainless steel chopping devices to fun-filled candy floss machines. And our range of industrial equipment features scales, ultrasonic cleaners and more! Everything you need for your home or business.