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Item: EX20020165


Model: IOTA 200

Factory second TIG DC Welder - 200 A - Digital - 230 V - Pulse

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  • digital, easy to use display
  • intuitive selection of function and parameters by means of buttons and knobs
  • precise adjustment possibilities of the pulse function and gas pre- and post-flow time
  • modern IGBT inverter with high frequency ignition, 2T / 4T function
  • e-manual welding (MMA) hot start and ARC force


TIG DC Welder - 200 A - Digital - 230 V - Pulse

Digital technology is not only modern, it also enables cleaner and more precise work. With the welding set IOTA 200 from Welbach, you can directly use the advantages of our digital techniques, as they become evident at first sight. The control panel is not burdened with a multiplicity of aligned knobs anymore. Instead, you only have a few switches, a turnable regulator as well as a display, which can be used intuitively.