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The Welbach brand stands for reliable, high-quality and reasonably priced welders of various sizes and functions. All devices we offer accord to the newest technological standard and offer a perfect mix of long-standing experience, know-how and dynamic, modern innovations to the customer.

The production of all devices that are available with the name of Welbach is carried out with constant quality checks, according to German standards, integrated into the process of manufacture. All materials and supplied components used are checked multiple times and are also subject to German standard based quality controls. The whole Welbach product ranges design is done exclusively by our staff in Germany.

The products offered differ only through their possibilities of application. There is the plasma cutter TREXUS50 as well as the MIG-MAG welder OMEGA 250 and the TIG ENTRIX315 with integrated water cooler. Thus we have everything an ambitious hobby user as well as an industrial professional can use for day to day application. This way Welbach can cover a broad range of possible uses and improve every line of products with the gained experience.

The welders convince through easy handling and high performance reached with technologies like MOSFET. Wear parts such as electrodes or general sets of spare parts for TIG welders can be separately ordered at any time and thus guarantee a long life span for the main Welbach device.

The devices by Welbach convince with technical refinements, guaranteed long life as well as an appealing, modern design and thus fulfil every customer wish.