Wall Shelves

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Is your cupboard space filling up? Maybe your workshop needs a little organizing after you went on a little shopping spree and purchased some of our professional tools? Or perhaps you’re setting up behind the bar at your pub or restaurant. Whatever the occasion, some strong and sturdy wall shelves can expand your storage space without taking up any of your precious floor space. Our robust stainless-steel wall shelves are provided by Royal Catering and will be tough enough to hold whatever it is that needs holding!

Stylish wall shelves for the workplace or home!

- All our shelves are made from robust high-quality stainless-steel. - Organization that’s both practical and functional. - Optimizes the limited available space you have. - Maximum stability is guaranteed.

The more things we buy, the more space we need. Such is a simple fact of life. But we don’t always utilize the space we have as efficiently as possible. Wall shelves were invented to solve this problem, and, after millennia of refinement, we’ve got the latest and greatest in stainless-steel wall shelves for your home, workshop, or workplace. These wall shelves, along with our complete line of stainless-steel shelves, will not stain or chip away and are easily cleaned, making them ideal for sanitary and hygienic areas of the kitchen or even the hospital or doctor’s office. If you need hygiene supplies for the space, then you’ll need hygienic equipment for the furnishings. Whether it’s a stainless-steel trolley for the laboratory or food preparation area, or our knee contact hand wash basin to make sure everything and everyone is keeping it clean in the workplace. They will all work well stylistically with our minimalist designs found in the variety of wall shelves on offer. We have multiple options for the chef with a variety of spice shelves that come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Serves a purpose for every profession.

- For food trucks, pubs and restaurants, or the professional kitchen. - Durable and long lasting; won’t need replacing. - Safe and sturdy for whatever storage needs you have. - A modern design that looks great in any environment.

If you’re designing that new food truck, you’ll want your customers to see nice clean stainless-steel behind the counter where the food is being prepared. Having a few of our durable wall shelves behind you will send the message that you mean business when it comes to sanitary food preparation conditions. Or for the catering companies that have a different set of needs and equipment, these wall shelves will last longer than the shopping list for that 500 person wedding you just finished up last week. But once you’ve covered your walls in our wall shelves, you might want to diversify your holdings with a few free-standing stainless-steel shelves or other types of stainless-steel furniture to tie everything together. Whatever the type of furnishing you’re looking for, stainless-steel is a clean option both stylistically and hygienically. The high-quality stainless-steel used in this wide range of products in non-corrosive and can be easily sanitized by using bleach or any type of industrial cleaner you happen to use. If you’re dealing with industrial equipment, then there aren’t too many practical and functional options for storage besides stainless-steel. So, whether you’re buying for the aesthetics and modern minimalistic approach to storage, or you just want an easily cleanable and durable wall shelf that you want to last, there are plenty of options for you to consider when looking to expand your storage. By choosing Expondo, we’ve got you covered.