Wall Cupboards

Not only are wall cupboards essential appliances to have in your kitchen, restaurant, canteen or snack bar – they also have the ability to set a scene and give your business a professional edge. Wall mountable and with slick designs, Royal Catering wall cabinets are extremely practical as well as stylish – complement your business with sturdy units today and reap the rewards of optimal storage and style.

Great features to transform your business

• Elegant design • High-quality materials for long-lasting durability • Sliding design for easy usage • Easily mountable • Separate shelves

First and foremost, it is obvious to see the aesthetic benefits a wall cupboard brings into a room. Spice up your kitchen, canteen, restaurant or bathroom with elegant design. As is the case with Royal Catering’s stainless steel cupboard range, you can be sure of durable products thanks to high-quality stainless steel – this makes them not only durable, but also particularly reliable and extremely resistant to knocks and bumps. Just like expondo’s professional tools and industrial equipment, expondo guarantees that you will not be let down by your products as stainless steel presents top of the range quality. Not only are wall cupboards nice to look at, their easy to use sliding door function allows you to confidently and comfortably store your products or valuable units. This allows you to effortlessly use your wall cupboard as hitting your head on swinging cabinet doors are a thing of the past – which adds a health and safety aspect into the picture. A wall cabinet is also easily mountable to walls, saving you time and effort when installing your wall unit.

A wall cupboard for the occasion

• Stainless steel furniture to forward your business • A wide range of products for various rooms • Essential tools to help you focus on pleasing your customers • Commercial practical equipment • See a return on investment in no time

Along with wall cupboards from Royal Catering, expondo offers a wide range of stainless steel furniture, including stainless steel cupboards to transform your business. Your business will benefit greatly with essential equipment and sturdy units. Stainless steel is the selected material as you will be ensured high quality and optimal durability to let you be able to use your selected products for long into the future. Furthermore, a wide range of products for various application uses are included as part of Royal Catering’s product range. From hygiene supplies to maintain essential hygienic standards in your kitchen or bathroom to stainless steel trolleys to help transport dishes or products around your business with great mobility. Therefore, expondo gives you the opportunity to round off your product selection range with a range of high-quality products for your business. Essential units unload your burdens and allow you to focus on treating your customers and making them feel welcome and at home in your restaurant or catering company. You can rely on strong and sturdy equipment to take over the dirty work and enjoy their high-quality features to put any worries at ease. Not only is equipment particularly practical – it is also unique in the fact that their high aesthetic appeal and ability for commercial use make them perfect for businesses as well as use at home. Alongside high-quality stainless steel furniture, expondo offers premium-quality bain-maries alongside exciting popcorn machines to truly round off your catering selection – rely on essential stainless steel catering equipment and allow yourself to focus on optimising your business in other areas. You will find that investing in a wall cupboard is a wise choice if you desire nice aesthetic appeal alongside practical functions. See a return on investment in no time and buy a mountable wall cabinet for your business from expondo today!