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Before you start laying pipes and cables, get a quality wall chaser tool for the project.

Cutting into drywall and other tough materials to lay electrical cables or water pipes can be a tough task. Getting a wall chaser tool will help save time and energy on the job. Just like all the tools made by MSW, these will be comfortable to use and look great at the same time. Wall chaser tools aren’t the first item to pop into your head when thinking about making some new additions to your tool box, but they’re an important piece to any homeowner’s arsenal.

Designed and built for easy and efficient wall cutting channels.

- Able to cut grooves and channels into any wall for laying cables, pipes and lines.

- Easy to use and not just for the professional craftsman or renovators.

- Designed to give you the most control with adjustable channel height and width.

- Equipped with a battery-powered laser to ensure precision.

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to cut channels into your walls for pipes or cables, then shopping at Expondo for a solid wall chaser tool is exactly what you need to do. All of our professional tools will fit right into your current collection and our great wall chaser will do the same. Cutting grooves into your walls requires much more than our drills and screwdrivers were built for. You’ll need a professional grade wall chaser tool to get the job done correctly. The battery-powered laser guide will ensure you cut these channels just where they need to go. The best part is these wall chaser tools are fully adjustable and you’ll be able to control the depth and width of the grooves you’re cutting. All our range of power tools come with all the bells and whistles you could want for your toolbox. And, just like this wall chaser tool, they’re designed to be easy to use and made for both craftsman and professionals. We know how much time and effort you put into your renovations around the house or apartment and making sure you get the job done right the first time is what we want to help you with.

A powerful engine and build quality that will be able to handle a variety of materials.

- Makes a great addition to any construction company’s toolbox.

- Powerful engine ensures these can handle even the toughest masonry work.

- Easy hookup for a vacuum cleaner to clear the dust and debris during the job.

- Lightweight body that will make using it for long periods of time a breeze.

For those of you who are familiar with all of our industrial equipment on offer, you know how important build quality and a powerful engine are for your tools. This is true for our full range of catering equipment that our repeat customers keep coming back for, too! And these wall chaser tools have both factors going for them. The same goes for all our range of rotary hammers, as well. Since build quality is important, we also made sure that these wall chaser tools are lightweight and make it possible to work with them all day long without feeling like your arm is going to fall off. With some of those other bulky and heavy tools out there, you’ll need one of our popular lifting magnets just to bring your hand up to your face to wipe your brow! And you won’t be worrying about messy cleanup, either. These awesome wall chaser tools come with a vacuum cleaner hookup that allows you to suck all that drywall dust right into your vacuum, instead of breathing it all in. So, give these tools a closer look and figure out which model is right for you and your upcoming projects.