Vegetable Slicer

If you’re making a vegetable soup, the chopping and dicing gets boring fast. If you’re running a kitchen, chopping and dicing whole kilos of fruits and vegetables is more than boring: it can be a real waste of useful staff time. That’s why a vegetable slicer is a real must-have for any private or professional kitchen. From perfectly sliced tomatoes to crisp, uniform french fries, give your chopping hand a rest and use a vegetable slicer instead.

Make your food prep effortless

A vegetable slider is arguably the most versatile and useful weapon in anyone’s arsenal of catering equipment. Not only does it save you the time and effort of laboriously slicing all your vegetables, fruit or potatoes by hand, but it also helps you to achieve perfect results every time: from apple quarters to potato chips, a fine julienne to a regular dice, these vegetable slicers produce crisp and uniform pieces for even cooking and the best possible appearance. This is particularly important for chips, skinny fries or even handmade curly fries, as it ensures that every single piece is cooked through at the same time, without burnt bits!

If you run a professional catering operation, such as a restaurant, pub or conference venue, you’ll know the importance of an appliance which can prep all your fruits and vegetables for you and cope with the heavy usage of a professional kitchen. These cutting appliances by quality brands such as Royal Catering are engineered to be real workhorses, producing great results even through the most intense usage. These vegetable slicers are particularly handy for hotels, helping to produce large amounts of fruit salad, crudités or grated potatoes for those breakfast hash browns. Other slicing options include a fine or coarse grate, medallions and even a specialised onion slicer. A multi-purpose vegetable cutter with changeable blades gives a wide range of functionalities for a varied menu, and we also offer many additional blade accessories to expand your veggie repertoire!

Fruit and vegetable slicers for all requirements

Whether you need to peel a lot of potatoes without the hassle, or slice salad ingredients for a big buffet, one of these appliances will save you time and make sure you don’t run the risk of slipping and cutting yourself. Efficient and safe, these vegetable slicers are relied upon by professional caterers and chefs country-wide. The sharp, high-quality blades slice cleanly and have a long-lasting blade edge for months or even years of the heaviest use. Like all our industrial appliances and equipment, each slicer is robust, hard-wearing and made of tough, easy-to-clean materials. The compact size and shape helps save counter space, while the non-slip rubber feet ensure that each appliance is safe and stable even while running. The intuitive controls of many models are manual, allowing you maximum control, while the electric vegetable slicer makes vegetable slicing even easier! As with all our power tools, many add-ons and replacement parts are also available, making your vegetable slicer an investment that will last. Any home cook or professional chef who needs to produce large amounts of chopped vegetables fast will appreciate one of these high-end slicing appliances – any snack bar or food truck will certainly profit from being able to speed up their turnover with a vegetable slicer. This essential kitchen appliance is affordable and one you can’t afford to be without – to save you time, energy, and your fingers!