Vacuum Packaging Machine

There are dozens of reasons to invest in a vacuum packaging machine for your home or business. Prolonging shelf-life, protecting food and substances from bacteria, and creating a handy storage and display solution are just a few. From chefs and hotel-owners, to scientists and mechanics, professionals have trusted the experts at MSW to seal the deal for years! With their efficiently-powered, stainless steel-housed packaging machines, complete with modern digital controls, you’ll see exactly why!

Choose a high-performance vacuum packaging machine for all industries

A vacuum packaging machine is an endlessly useful addition to your catering supplies for both professionals and home-cooks! For chefs, butchers, and delis owner, there are countless advantages to using a vacuum packaging machine. Extending the shelf life of food products gives you a longer chance to display and sell your products, and minimises waste. Food quality is improved by locking in taste, moisture, aroma, and texture, and most importantly, preventing contamination. On top of that, the transparent vacuum packages allow your foods to be displayed in a clear and professional manner. Restaurants, hotel owners, and even airline caterers will benefit from preparing and portioning meals in advance. Of course, it also opens you up to a wide range of marinating options as well as sous-vide cooking. Finally, if you’re storing food for long periods time, a vacuum packaging helps to prevent freezer burn. A vacuum packaging machine is also a great addition to your professional craft supplies or even industrial equipment in labs and factories. Across all industries, vacuum packing allows you to safe space during storage and transportation, ideal for food deliveries, caterers on the go, and even deliveries of sensitive substances such as medicines. Professionals working in engineering, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and even criminal investigation will benefit from keeping electrical equipment, documents, and evidence free of contamination. On top of this, you can stay organised by labelling your products with the numbers and letter, included with your vacuum packaging machine.

It’s time to seal the deal!

Our standard vacuum packaging machine is compact and fitted with stable rubber feet to protect your flooring. With three adjustable sealing times and temperatures, you can fully seal vacuum packs of various thicknesses and sizes, and control the entire operation using the clear, digital display unit. Our expert vacuum packaging machine uses the same ingenious technology, mounted on a trolley unit, for easy transport around your workspace. Operating one of our vacuum packaging machines couldn’t be easier. Simply select your size of vacuum bag (sold separately) and place your food or object within. Each vacuum packaging machine has a chamber with a height of 120mm and so is suitable for larger items as well as several smaller ones. After inserting the bag, the machine gently removes the air from the inside of the bag which is then hermetically sealed. Using the digital control, sealing times and temperatures can be adjusted to allow both small, thin and larger, thicker foils to be sealed. To accompany your vacuum packaging machine, you can choose from a range of vacuum package bags, sold separately on the Expondo site. For maintenance, your vacuum packaging machine also includes a set of specially designed tools and oil, as standard. For another great sealing option, why not check out our range of food vacuum sealers, perfectly designed for packing ingredients and dishes for storage, sale, freezing, marinating, and sous-vide cooking. These compact, table-top devices from Bartscher and Royal Catering are ideal for kitchens and other busy workspaces. Remember, when it comes to safety, value, and quality, never underestimate the power of expert storage solutions!