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Model: ULX-GB16

Pedal Bin - 12 L -

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  • Compact – with 12 L capacity, ideal for kitchens, offices, or event rooms
  • Robust – construction and excellent workmanship ensure the longevity of the bin
  • Practical – pedal bin with anti-slip pedal can be easily opened with the foot
  • Hygienic – the stainless steel surface is easy to clean, while the contactless opening mechanism ensures cleanliness during disposal
  • Stylish – the shiny surface fits into any environment


The stylish pedal bin is very practical!

If you want to throw something away, you don’t always have your hands free. That's why the ULX-GB16 pedal bin from ulsonix can be opened and closed comfortably with your foot. This proven mechanism is not only comfortable, but also contactless. With just one motion of the foot, you avoid direct contact with the bin. Waste disposal becomes a clean activity!

Pedal bin with shiny features

You and your guests can dispose of your garbage safely and inconspicuously in the pedal bin. The lid not only conceals the view of the waste, but also contains unpleasant odours. Thanks to the foot pedal with a non-slip insert, you can open and close the bathroom pedal bin comfortably and securely. Your hands do not come into direct contact with the bucket, which is extremely hygienic.

The foot pedal bin is made of stainless steel. This material impresses not only with its shiny surfaces, which are easy to clean, but also with its special stability and durability, which shows hardly any signs of wear even with intensive use. This way, the stylish and practical bin can be used for a long time as a reliable waste disposal accessory.

The round shape and subtle design give the bin a discreet appearance that underlines its function. As a result, it can be placed inconspicuously, but still clearly visible, in any room in which it is needed. Due to its compact shape and a capacity of 12 L, it is ideal for kitchens, offices, event rooms and reception halls.