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Ulsonix cleaning instruments are highly efficient ultrasonic cleaners with high cleaning frequencies and fast cleaning processes at low prices. The products offered are made from stainless steel as well as quality tested attachments and thus guarantee a long life span and functionality.

All devices by Ulsonix are tested according to German quality standards throughout the complete process of production and undergo various functionality tests according to German guidelines. The ultrasonic cleaners in the product range are distinguished by their high cleaning power and simultaneously material preserving method and can therefore be used for many different items.

The cleaning devices that are part of the Proclean product line by Ulsonix are generally equipped with a multitude of adjustment options. The user can regulate the temperature, cleaning frequency as well as starting time and thus adjust the parameters to what is needed for specific items.

Ulsonix especially emphasises their cleaner’s functionality and reliability. Of course all security regulations for devices with heating elements are fulfilled by every Ulsonix product. The modern design includes the newest technical innovations that offer ergonomic and especially safe handling also for regular use.

The ultrasonic cleaners by Ulsonix offer great performance features, high-class materials as well as tested quality at a low price and thus live up to every customer wish.