Tower Rotisserie

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Are you looking for an inventive way to create colourful, healthy dishes that will keep your customers coming back for seconds? Send your guests spinning with our tower rotisserie range from the catering experts at Royal Catering. These versatile cooking devices will open up your menu to hundreds of new recipe options while keeping your options healthy. On top of this, these modern rotisseries are extremely compact and can be set up in virtually any cooking environment from large hotel kitchens to compact food stalls. Discover more below!

A selection of tower rotisseries for meat, fish and veggie dishes

• Healthy cooking option • Versatile: meat, fish, veggies • Easy to clean • Safe and robust • Three sizes to choose from • Home and professional kitchens

At Expondo, we’re well aware that modern diners are certainly more concerned with healthy eating than ever before. But that doesn’t mean they want to skimp on taste. With our range of tower rotisseries from our full range of takeaway equipment, you can keep those calorie-counters happy while blowing their minds with delicious, inventive flavours. Traditional tower rotisseries are large, cumbersome devices that require a lot of installation and maintenance work. Our modern tower rotisseries from Royal Catering are surprisingly compact and easy to maintain, as well as being suitable for a wide range of kitchens. Quickly set up your device for use in cafes, private kitchens, market stalls, or as an addition to your snack bar and takeaway equipment. The rubber feet make it safe and secure to use on all work surfaces and its compact dimensions make it easy to store away after use. Perfect for breaking out parties and catering events! Even at private parties, a tower rotisserie is a great way to add a little spectacle for your guests at home (as well as safe and easy to use for beginners)! Available in three sizes, each tower rotisserie offers you a great use of space, cooking several tiers of food at once (up to 31L). The spinning mechanism , automatic temperature control, and high temperature of 160 degrees C offer you uniform grilling and a delicious, juicy and even cook throughout with a crispy grilled finish, if desired. Blow your guests away with freshly grilled fish, kebabs, hotdogs, veggies and more! The transparent sliding door of the tower rotisserie is made from special tempered glass, providing excellent protected from high temperature compared to conventional glass. The door is also fitted with a cool-to-touch handle, which protects the user from potential burns. Not only is the tower rotisserie easy to dismantle for cleaning, drip tray included can be removed in a few simple steps, making it particularly easy and safe to get rid of used oil or grease.

Everything including the kitchen sink!

• Wide range of cooking gadgets • Suitable for all kitchens • Hotdog equipment for takeaways, stalls and diners • High quality stainless steel • Hot and cold drink dispensers • Ideal for self-service

And the Expondo range of catering equipment doesn’t stop there. For hotels, cafes, food stalls, home kitchens and more, we’ve got you covered, whatever the dish. You’ll find a wide range of cooking devices from contact grills, food smokers, pasta boilers and more, ready to be installed in your kitchen or set up at your next event. As well as the tower rotisseries, we have many other options for whipping up delicious hotdogs at diners, markets and sporting events. Check out our full range of hot dog equipment, featuring grills, steamers, rollers, and even toaster buns. To add a healthy, homemade touch to your hotdog menu, why not rustle up your own recipes with our stainless steel sausage makers? When it comes to catering, you can’t forget about drinks. Take a look at our wide selection of drinks fountains for serving juices and cordials at breakfast bars, buffets, and events. And for those winter months, our hot chocolate dispensers are a great self-service tool to keep those mugs topped up with sweet, chocolatey treats. The perfect start to the day or the end to satisfying meal. Now that we’ve covered dessert, don’t forget we’ve got a full range of construction and power tools and versatile industrial equipment to keep your business running ship-shape. Discover the full range today.