Table top grill

It might only take three minutes ‘each way’ to grill the perfect beef burger. But when you’re watching that beautiful charred texture take form, with smoky fragrances filling the air, time really seems to slow down. Indeed, grilling fresh meat before customer’s eyes can have a somewhat magical effect, awakening their taste buds before they’ve even taken a bite! With a table top grill from our wide range of cooking gadgets, that culinary magic is in your hands.

Add a little spectacle to every meal with a table top grill

Modern foodies really know what they’re looking for when it comes to grilled meats, and will always expect their burgers and steaks to be ‘cooked to order’. Whether you’re working in a grill restaurant, a busy food stall, or even gastropubs, a table top grill is a great addition to your catering equipment to keep on top of every order. For budding grilling-connoisseurs, our grills can even be used in private homes to impress your friends and family. Each table top grill in our selection is built to the same professional standard. When investing in any culinary or industrial equipment, you want your choice to stand the test of time. Our table top grills are made from steel and stainless steel which is regarded for its durability, saving you on potential repairs or replacements.

We prioritise health and safety with all of our featured craft supplies and cooking gadgets. With this easy-to-clean material, a removable grill pan and fat-collecting basin, clean-up time is minimised and hygiene is kept to a professional standard. And with a pressure regulator, flame cover, and protective handles, safety is not an issue. Each table top grill is liquid gas operated with a range of 1 to 3 powerful burners, providing efficient heating at 3.6 kW per burner and guaranteeing an even dispersal of homogenous heat. Each table top grill comes with grill pans as standard, but additional grill pans can be ordered depending on your kitchen’s needs. Their lightweight material make our grills and grill pans easy to install and transport.

A touch of conviviality for your next service!

When it comes to choosing your table top grill, we’ve got a range of sizes to suit your kitchen’s needs. Our cheapest table top grill from Bartscher features one burner and is ideal for compact dining spaces and food trucks. Even if you specialise in one simple dish, make sure it’s grilled to perfection every time. Our expert table top grill with 3 burners is ideal for bigger restaurants. Multitask between dishes and manually adjust the temperature of each burner for the perfect balance of flavours. For busy services, pair your table top grill with one of our additional grease drip containers – big enough to withstand four roast chickens! We have a wide range of culinary gadgets that make the perfect partner for your table top grill.

For burger professionals, start every grill service by making fresh patties with your very own meat mincers. Better yet, top them off with freshly-sliced tomatoes and onions, prepared with one of our vegetable slicers. Nothing puts a dampener on a good burger like a pale burger bun. Add the final touch to your patties with our convenient contact grills. Adding a little extra to your beer garden? A real professional barbecue is the best way to keep your guests satisfied while enjoying the summer sunshine! And our range of broilers that carry up to twelve roast chickens will keep your guests stocked up with chicken wings and pulled chicken tacos, while the beer is flowing. From sizzling burgers to skewered veggie kebabs, adding a little ‘smoke and fire’ to your service is a great way to tantalise your customers.