Stock Pot Stove

When serving large groups, it’s important to think efficiently. That means minimal multitasking and fussing about. For a great way to whip up large bathes of soups, stews, curries, and other one-pot-wonders, take a look at our versatile stock pot stove from the cooking experts at Bartscher. This device is a great cooking solution for cooking in large batches, especially in temporary kitchens such at events and camping trips. They’re also perfect for hospitals, hostels, and schools.

Choose a stock pot stove for large one-pot meals

• Cook in large batches • Made by Bartscher • Chrome nickel steel • Great for outdoor use • Built for long-term use • 300mm hob

Whether you’re serving a bus-load of hungry campers or a gang of festival guests, when it comes to dishing out bowl after bowl, you can’t go wrong with a one-pot wonder – a classic stew, a zesty green curry, or even a spicy chilli. They are even suitable outdoors. Speaking of the great outdoors, if you’re planning your next community event or garden party, why not check out our new selection of catering tents. These robust tents offer a stylish venue space as well as excellent protection from rain or cold, should the weather take a turn. No matter how basic your kitchen setup is, the stock pot stove will fit right in. Our stainless steel stock pot stoves are made by the world renowned cookware company, Bartscher who are experts when it comes to long-lasing, cost-effective design. With their sturdy chrome nickel steel legs and exterior, these stock pot stoves are built to last and to withstand repeat transport and use. You can even use them outdoors! The stock pot stove is topped with a 300m hob, so you can choose your biggest choice of pot or even a wide paella pan. Why not take a look at our full range of commercial pots to go with your stock pot stove? Our induction pots are available in sizes from 32L right up to a whopping 98L. That’s bound to keep you covered if any one comes back for seconds. In our full range of commercial cookers, you’ll find cookers with up to six burners and integrated ovens. There’s something for every sized kitchen!

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