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Model: SBS-HSD-6

Retractable Lanyard - 100 kg - 15 m - impact force 4.2 kN

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  • Optimal – 15 m lanyard
  • Safe – a 100 kg person has a fall impact force of 4.2 kN
  • Flexible – rotating hook prevents twisting of the belt
  • Effective – integrated shock absorber system with sewn-in fall indicator with force application of less than 3 kN at the anchor point.
  • Stable – lightweight ABS plastic housing and indestructible webbing with a static tensile load of 15 kN (3 min/s)


The height safety device gives you safety at great heights!

Whether on a working platform or scaffolding, safety is paramount when you work with heights! With the fall protection cable you will achieve optimal fall protection. This gives you the freedom to work safely at great heights. The robust design and its shock-absorbing properties significantly reduce your risk of accidents and contribute to work safety. Attach the fall protection cable to a harness, which you can also find at expondo.

Use the sophisticated safety system to keep you safe at great heights!

If your weight including work clothes is less than 100 kg, the belay system is the optimal retractable tool lanyard for your work as a fitter in the wind energy sector or for work on a scaffold. Attach the fall arrester to your safety harness with a snap hook (not included). Hang the hook on your workstation at desired height. The suspension is designed so that the belt does not twist and always gives you enough freedom of movement.

If you fall with the retractable lanyard, the work safety belt reliably blocks with a force of 4.2 kN and catches you. The webbing withstands the highest loads. In addition, the braking system dampens the forces acting on you to less than 3 kN. With this protective equipment you can prevent serious injuries and work with the necessary protection even in extreme situations.

The 15 m retractable type fall arrest system consists of an extremely resilient ABS plastic housing, a stainless steel fastening hook and a rotating aluminium snap hook. All elements are excellently designed which contribute to your optimal safety. The connecting piece is a durable and robust webbing strap that you pull in depending on the situation. The swivel suspension prevents the belt from twisting. Rely on solutions from Steinberg Systems for height safety!