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Item: EX20030257


Model: SBS-MR-1600/1T PRO

Factory second Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate PRO

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  • full control thanks to the digital displays - temperature range from 0 to 220 °C
  • timer function - adjustable between 0 - 9999 minutes
  • 18,7 x 18,7 cm plate for mixing and heating liquids
  • efficient mixing - precise temperature and viscosity control
  • including 2 magnetic stir bars


Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate PRO

With the SBS-MR-1600/1T PRO magnetic stirrer with hotplate, you can mix and heat different types of liquids, even in closed vessels. The device is fitted with one plate surface that allows you to regulate the stirring speed and temperature independently of one another. The delivery includes two magnetic stir bars, which provide protection against heat, abrasion and chemical corrosion. They are also very easy to clean and disinfect. Steinberg's high quality laboratory supplies are used across all industries in many different companies. They are used in the pharmaceutical industry, in various laboratories, in biochemistry, in research and in many other fields of activity.



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