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Model: SBS-KW-5TE

Factory second Crane Scale - 5 t / 1 kg - LED

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  • Powerful—weighs heavy loads up to 5.000 kg precisely and reliably
  • Convenient—modern LED display
  • Durable—thanks to robust design
  • Easy to use—thanks to clear keys and remote control
  • Long-lived—150-hour operating life for extended use
  • Operated with rechargeable battery
  • Hold
  • Tare
  • Zero
  • Sum


Crane Scale - 5 t / 1 kg - LED

The Steinberg Systems crane scale SBS-KW-5TE was specially designed for industrial use and is the right tool to actively support you in your daily work. This crane scale is mainly used in industry and trade. It impresses with its high load limit, robust design and high-quality LED display. Take advantage of the mobile application possibilities of this scale and complete your industrial equipment. Flexibility and performance are guaranteed.

The crane scale SBS-KW-5TE by Steinberg Systems has a weighing range up to 5000kg and an accuracy of 1kg / 500 grams. This scale combines modules of precisest technology and is equipped with the modernst electronic systems to offer measurements of constant accuracy. It is multifunctional, precise, reliable and easy to use.

The dimensions of the crane scale SBS-KW-5TE are x x cm for a weight of kg.

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