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Construction sites, laboratories, logistics operations – in any industry, the right tools are essential to keep operations running smoothly, precisely and effectively. Steinberg Systems produces high-quality industrial and commercial heavy lifting equipment and scales, with your business in mind. Whether for general use, such as portioning and weighing batches of goods, or very specific use cases, such as needing to weigh dogs and cats in a vet’s surgery, the range of scales and other industrial equipment by Steinberg Systems has the right appliance for your needs.

Precision weighing, reliable functionality

Outside of the home kitchen, a basic set of scales is pretty limited! That’s why the wide and varied range of scales by Steinberg Systems offers dozens of different options, sizes and functionalities, to suit the individual requirements of different businesses. A jeweller’s workshop needs a small scale precise enough to measure precious stones to a fraction of a gram, while a coffee roasters needs a price calculating scale for selling by weight; every business has its own unique needs, and Steinberg Systems pride themselves on fulfilling those needs. With emphasis on precise readouts, easy usability and robust manufacturing, these appliances are designed to be an asset to your operations. From the smallest doses to the heaviest loads, there is a scale designed to match. For laboratories, perfume makers, chefs and any other professions which require a highly precise way to weigh different substances, Steinberg System’s selection of precision scales has the right appliance for the job, offering high-tech accuracy and a great battery life.

On the other side of the coin, something more substantial is required for farms, delivery companies and other businesses where bulky things will be weighed regularly – and this is where a platform scale with a wide weighing plate comes in handy. And there’s even a rolling platform scale available if you need to be able to easily move your scale around your premises. And if you’re working with items that tend to get a little messy – such as fresh fish or other cooking ingredients – there are even water- and oilproof options.

For heavy weighing and lifting, Steinberg Systems has you covered

Beyond coffee, crates and the catch of the day, sometimes a little more muscle is required. Steinberg Systems produces tough and strong lifting and heavy weighing solutions to take care of those situations. Whether on a building site, in a commercial warehouse or an auto repair shop, it is important to be able to lift and weigh very heavy items accurately and, most importantly, safely. The chain hoists and lifting magnets by Steinberg Systems make it easy to lift anything, from palettes of building materials to car chassis, with little strenuous effort and no electrical demands. Combined with a crane scale, you can weigh anything between 300kg and 10t – and some crane scales even come with a remote control or can be combined with other add-ons like a lever block for even more functionality. Using strong, hardwearing materials, these heavy lifting tools by Steinberg Systems can resist daily use and prove a wise investment.

Combined with a reliable set of floor scales for other types of heavy weighing – for example, loading a palette with the right amount of a particular product – this equipment is a must-have for any storage warehouse or goods trader. The wide range of options ensures that your specific requirements can be matched by just the right equipment, for example a floor scale with wireless readout display for weighing livestock or other items which do not allow you to get close to the scale. Keep tabs on your stock, lift heavy wares with ease and make sure your customers are getting the right quantities and the right prices – with Steinberg Systems equipment, it's a piece of cake.