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Model: S-SPEEDWELD-150

Welding Turntable - 150 kg - table inclination 0 - 90° - foot pedal

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  • High capacity – with a load capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Adjustable – variable rotational speed and tiltable between 0 - 90°
  • Versatile – universal load-bearing plate
  • Precise – ideal results for manual, semi-automatic, mechanised and automatic welding
  • Safe – operation via foot pedal and built-in connection for ground cable


Precise welds and ergonomic work with the flexible welding turntable

During welding, position and accessibility are crucial for a reliable fusing of the materials. With its versatile adjustment and fastening options, the S-SPEEDWELD-150 welding turntable offers precise support for manual, semi- or fully automatic welding operations. The welding positioner enables ergonomic, safe and accurate operation during cutting, grinding or assembly.

The versatile welding positioner for effortless welding in any positions

With a load-bearing capacity of 150 kg and a universal load-bearing plate, the welding rotary device can be used flexibly for various components. Due to the variable rotational speed and the adjustable angle of inclination between 0 - 90°, there is an optimum position and speed for any workpiece. Perfect alignment and uninterrupted working with the welding turntable ensure not only excellent results with consistent quality, but also make welding less prone to errors, safer and the entire process more economical.

The foot pedal ensures increased safety, more flexibility through free hands and makes it easier for users at every level of experience to achieve clean welds. The built-in connection for a ground cable also ensures safety, preventing damage or injury. For manual or automated CNC welding: Materials of different shapes and sizes can be connected safely, precisely, ergonomically and efficiently with  the  welding turntable.