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For several years now, Stamos Welding has been offering some top-quality welding equipment. This trusted brand, well-known in the welding world and more generally in the craft supplies field, knows how to meet its customers’ needs with top-quality welding tools. From the welding machines to the welding masks, and even the various complementary accessories and tools, Stamos Welding will never disappoint you. Discover their wide range of products by browsing the catalogue!

Top quality and safety at affordable prices: Stamos Welding’s motto

Top quality is available at cheap prices with Stamos Welding, together with “environmentally-friendly production”, to quote the manufacturers. It sounds promising, and the quality speaks for itself in a wide range of welding machines, all innovative and sturdy. These machines are designed and manufactured in high-end German workshops and each piece of equipment is thoroughly checked by German experts from Stamos Welding. Thanks to their high standards, whether you choose their expert welding mask or their most powerful plasma cutter, reliability and output are guaranteed, and ensured by stringent quality controls. Stamos Welding presents a wide range of high-quality products, honed through their expertise in the welding industry – and their constant innovation means that the scope of their products is always expanding. At expondo, we attach great importance to the development and improvement of our range of products and we pride ourselves on sourcing tools which use only the best materials.

The materials used to manufacture each product are chosen for their sturdiness – which combines with expert product engineering to create the most reliable products possible. This is how Stamos Welding ensures top quality and high safety standards throughout the life cycle of each of their products. Stamos strives to achieve their exacting criteria for quality and safety in each product they offer, including their welding machines and their various complementary tools such as the convenient foot pedal or the sturdy welding cart, which is why they are now widely used by both professionals and individuals. Be one of them!

Stamos Welding: your biggest asset for all your welding activities

The main products offered by Stamos Welding are welding machines and plasma cutters – in different types, shapes, sizes etc. However, if you need to round out your equipment, this brand also provides various welding accessories to complete your workshop or factory. All these products can be used for home DIY purposes but are also suited for leisure and industrial levels. This is mainly due to the fact that our welding equipment is easy to use and often portable due to lightweight construction or wheeled rigs. Make the most of a very wide product range and choose between our cheapest welding machines, our powerful IGBT arc welding machine or even our innovative MMA welders.

Whatever your choice is, all these tools achieve the same high standards in terms of safety, efficiency and ease of use: they are all simple, powerful, reliable and safe. To make sure you keep welding in the best conditions, Stamos Welding also provides you with replacement parts. These top-quality accessories and spare parts can be separately bought for a very affordable price. Foot pedals, nozzles, electrodes, ceramic rings, lenses… make your choice! From plasma cutters to combined welding machines, MIG/MAG to TIG, Stamos Welding products are designed for intensive use and meet the requirements of the most demanding projects. Innovative technologies, along with top-quality materials expertly selected; this combination of assets allows users (whether private or professional) to achieve the best possible welding results!