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Model: S-LS-114

Laboratory Power Supply Unit - 0 - 30 V - 0 - 5 A DC - 550 W - 5 memory locations - LED display - USB/RS232

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  • Variable – 2 channels with DC current voltage of 0 - 30 V and current of 0 - 5 A, and one channel with 5 V and 3 A
  • LED display – quick check for output current and output voltage
  • Smart – 5 memory locations for 2 channels easily retrievable via keys as well as USB and RS232 interfaces
  • Safe – built-in protection against overheating, over current and over voltage
  • Effective – intelligent temperature control with efficient and quiet fans


The laboratory power supply unit up to 550 W with memory function

With the adjustable laboratory power supply S-LS-114 you can supply external devices with direct current, setting the amperage and current voltage individually for two channels. Thanks to the memory function with five memory locations, you can use the unit particularly effectively. Use the laboratory power supply from the measurement technology primarily in the industrial sector, in laboratories, in the field of telecommunications, for workshops with electronic devices as well as for production plants and test institutes.

The current values for the two channels are always perfectly adjusted with the adjustable power supply unit from Stamos Soldering

Thanks to the large, 4-digit LED display, you can easily read the set values of output voltage and current at any time. The digits are easy to see even in poor lighting conditions. For frequently recurring current values, you will find five memory locations so that you can conveniently recall them again and again as needed. Use channel one and two for individual settings of the values. In addition, a third channel is available that supplies devices constantly with 5 V and 3 A. Connect the power supply unit to a computer via a USB or RS232 interface.

Control the user-friendly, adjustable power supply unit simply and conveniently via rotary knobs and buttons. The rotary controls allow exact setting options for the desired output voltage of 0 - 30 V DC and a current of 0 - 5 A for channels one and two. While adjusting, check the respective values on the large LED display and adjust them to your needs with ease. Furthermore, the power supply unit has a control panel lock to prevent accidental changing of the set parameters. If you use the laboratory power supply unit as a constant voltage source (CV), the unit automatically switches to constant current operation (CA) as soon as the set load limit is reached. This will prevent damage to the connected units.

With the adjustable laboratory power supply unit, you will get an apparatus with a high safety standard: The unit is equipped with over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP) as well as special overheating protection (OTP). The integrated fan adapts to the temperature conditions in the unit and thus ensures optimum cooling. These precautions guarantee you safe operation of the power supply unit, even if you use it intensively and enduringly. In addition, the unit has a buzzer alarm that informs you of safety deficiencies, which you can turn off depending on the laboratory situation. Use software to calibrate the unit.