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Item: EX20021083


Model: S-LS-46

Factory second Soldering Station with Fume Extractor

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  • Protective - fume extractor protects user from poisonous fumes
  • Variable - wide temperature range from 250 to max. 430 °C
  • High-performance - soldering iron with 80 W reaches a temperature of 400 °C in just 40 sec
  • Compact - handy device fits in any workplace
  • Safe - high-quality ESD-safe housing is protected from electrostatic discharge
  • Practical - soldering iron stand with soldering tip sponge


Safe soldering with the soldering station with fume extractor

The soldering station S-LS-46 from Stamos Soldering consists of a soldering iron, a soldering iron stand with cleaning sponge and an integrated soldering fume extractor. The compact device stands out with its high performance values as well as a high level of comfort while soldering thanks to the extractor, which directly sucks off harmful fumes produced during soldering before they can begin to have irritating or even detrimental effects on your health.

The powerful soldering station with fume extractor

The soldering station with fume extractor is both easy to use and effective. A single switch activates both the soldering iron and the solder fume extractor. Thanks to the high output of 80 W, the soldering iron requires just 40 seconds to reach a temperature of 400 °C. You can continuously adjust the exact temperature up to max. 430 °C using the control knob. The device maintains the temperature with an accuracy of ±5 °C.

You can place the soldering iron in the convenient stand during its short warm-up period. For optimal soldering results, the soldering stand has a cleaning sponge for cleaning off the soldering tip as needed. Depending on the task, you can exchange the tips after the iron has cooled.

The integrated fume extractor has an air flow of 115 m³/hr and can eliminate even heavy smoke without trouble. The air is passed through an activated carbon filter, which cleans it thoroughly. The soldering station from Stamos Soldering comes with three filters in size 13 x 13 cm so you can start using it immediately. For your safety, the high-quality housing is ESD-safe, meaning that it will prevent electrostatic discharge during soldering.