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Model: S-LS-106

Factory second Laboratory power supply unit - 230 V - 0 - 5 A - 300 W - 2 memory slots

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  • Variable – DC current voltage from 0 - 60 V and current intensity from A
  • Large LED display – quick check of output current and output voltage
  • Safe – protected against overload (OPP), overcurrent (OCP) and overheating (OTP)
  • Easy to grip – simple adjustment thanks to handy rotary knobs
  • Automatic – temperature-controlled fan provides cooling


More voltage from the Stamos Soldering laboratory power supply unit

This laboratory power supply unit supplies external devices with direct current, whereby current intensity and current voltage are individually adjustable. The linear technology used means the device produces only a low ripple and low noise. Whether for professionals in development or for electronics projects at home, measuring equipment from Stamos Soldering supports your project according to your requirements.

Individual and precise DC values

Thanks to the large LED display, you can easily read the set values of current voltage and current intensity at any time. The digits are easy to read even in low-light conditions. In addition, the individual values are labelled with their respective unit abbreviation, making it possible to clearly distinguish between current strength and voltage at any time.

You can individually set the desired values for the output current on this benchtop power supply unit using the control dials. The dials allow you to make exact adjustments to the output voltage from 0 - 60 V and the output current from 0 - 5 A. During adjustment you can check the respective values on the large LED display. If the power supply unit operates as a constant voltage source (CV), the unit automatically switches to constant current mode (CA) as soon as the set load limit is reached. This prevents damage to the connected devices.

With the laboratory power supply you get an apparatus with a high safety standard: The unit has been equipped with an overload protection (OPP) as well as an overheating protection (OTP), which automatically activates an integrated fan as soon as the maximum temperature is exceeded. With this monitoring system, safe operation is guaranteed, even with intensive and ongoing use.

With the laboratory power supply unit from Stamos Soldering, you get a thoroughly professional device for the individual DC power supply of various external devices and apparatus.

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