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As a craftsman, industry professional, apprentice or even amateur, you know how essential it is to be equipped with high-quality welding and soldering tools to get the best results. Whatever your budget is, the German brand Stamos Soldering offers a wide range of soldering stations and all their complementary accessories for any level. With so many options for power, temperature, functions, types of air nozzles… you are spoiled for choice, so take the time to browse our catalogue!

Precision and professional results: the main advantages of Stamos Soldering products

Widely known for their expertise when it comes to welding and soldering applications, Stamos Germany offers high-quality equipment at affordable prices. You’ll find a wide range of soldering stations to fit your requirements. You are a beginner or an amateur? Make the most of a professional soldering station for less than £50! Whether you decide to go for a basic station or a more sophisticated one, the experts from Stamos Soldering have equipped every unit with powerful soldering irons. How powerful? Depending on the model, you can count on a power level between 50 and 75 Watts! These ergonomic soldering irons make it possible to weld and braze even the most delicate materials. Using their know-how in the field of soldering, the product designers for this brand took everything into account and engineered precise temperature controls so you can choose the appropriate temperature you need for each type of material. After a short warm-up time, set the temperature (between 100 and 500 degrees Celsius) to bring on your filler metal and start brazing with your new professional tool!

Putting the welder’s needs at priority number one, Stamos Soldering presents a wide range of accessories to help you braze and weld in the best conditions. Choose a convenient lifting tool to properly set your components and get a spool solder wick with a high absorptive capacity to eliminate any surplus. And there’s more! Get your hands on Stamos Soldering’s magnifying loupes for even more precision during your soldering projects. Handle, orientation, and lighting – everything is adjustable according to the needs of each welder!

Meeting the needs of each welder: safety systems and varied functionalities offered by Stamos Soldering

This trusted brand has developed a series of soldering stations, all featuring cutting-edge innovation and top technology for products that really perform. Get started by choosing the hot air gun system for cleaner and more precise soldering results! If you often have to do repair work on electric devices, or if you often use the SMD technique (Surface Mounted Devices), a quality hot air gun system is much recommended. Try out this technique with a high-end hot air propulsion system and choose the types of nozzles that are best suited for your projects. Finally, in order to let you weld and braze under the best conditions, don’t be without a safety system to protect against the electrostatic discharge (ESD function) in most stations offered by Stamos Soldering. Your welding team is now fully protected against electrostatic discharges!

Stamos Soldering strives to offer the most complete range possible by staying attentive to its customers’ varied needs. To help those who regularly have to move from one establishment to another to carry out repair works, this quality manufacturer has created a range of welding stations with carrying handles. Industry professionals working in compact workshops can equip themselves with a soldering station featuring an integrated power supply – while a smoke ventilation function provides better visibility of the piece being soldered. Finally, the most demanding projects require something special - a state-of-the-art welding station with heating plate and infrared lamp! Adapting to any budget, the Stamos Soldering range makes it possible to get professional equipment at affordable prices. And make sure to take a look at our second-hand professional tools – perhaps you’ll end up grabbing a real steal!