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The products by Stamos Selection which are to be found in the luxury sector offer any imaginable welding comfort from exceptional quality at fair prices. The available products convince with innovative design as well as most modern technologies. The conceptualisation as well as design of our offered welders is carried out by our employees in Germany.

For producing our exceptional welders as well as the water cooler S-Aquacool by Stamos Selection we use only materials of best quality, special operating tools and all together high-class building parts. The whole process of the Stamos Selection production is subject to continual quality supervision based on German standards. This way the best possible product is guaranteed for any user, no matter if hobby craftsperson or industrial welding professional. The high investment is worth the effort and expresses itself through perfect welding seams and exceptional resilience. The outer appearance is rounded off by the great design.

An additional device such as the water cooler by Stamos Selection ensures higher quality and efficiency when welding by specifically supporting the thermal stabilisation. With this additional device you can bring the actual welder, such as the S-Multi 525 h, to its full potential without having to worry about thermal overload. The welders by Stamos Selection will surpass your expectations. Discover the technical innovations, modern design and highest performance of our products for yourself!