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Model: S-ARC 160LT

Factory second Electrode Welding Machine - 160 A - TIG lift arc

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  • Variable—electrode welding machine with control knob and TIG lift-arc option
  • Effective—welding current of 20 to 160 A and duty cycle of 100 % at 95 A
  • Reliable—modern IGBT technology for optimal welding parameters
  • Safe—fan cooling and overheat protection
  • Mobile—easy to transport thanks to compact design and handle


Electrode welding machine with TIG lift arc

The electrode welding machine S-ARC 160LT from Stamos Power

Take advantage of TIG welding with lift-arc ignition

You can adjust the welding current between 10 and 160 A using a dial on the control panel. If the power is reduced to 95 A when MMA welding, the duty cycle can be increased to the point where you can weld without interruption. The MMA welding machine with IGBT inverter does not require shielding gas, so you can work precisely even under adverse conditions, such as in high winds. With the MMA welder, you can weld materials such as steel, iron, cast iron, nickel or copper alloys.

By means of an additional TIG welding torch with external gas connection (not included in delivery), TIG welding with lift-arc ignition can be added to this welding unit as an additional welding mode. For this, all you have to do is select the corresponding function on the control panel.

TIG welding is for when you need or want especially clean welds, with minimal contamination, that are straight and leave sharp edges. There is no development of slags, therefore the device does not require additional cleaning. Sparks, splashes and open flames are reduced to a minimum.

You can weld almost every metal and alloy, including magnesium, copper, nickel, titanium and steel. Very thin materials can be processed with TIG welding. In practice, it is possible to weld in many different positions: Whether welding lying down, overhead, vertically or horizontally, you are always in control of all welding functions.

The lift-arc ignition method, which has a number of advantages over high-frequency ignition, plays a special role in this. It does not influence or disturb nearby sensitive electronic devices such as smartphones, computers or control systems.

The welding machine has a compact housing and is equipped with a comfortable handle. The device is cooled with a high-powered ventilator that prevents overheating. In addition, an overheat protection rounds off the safety functions of the electrode welder.