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Model: CHUCK M6

Stud welding chuck M6 - Copper

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  • For holding welding bolts, screws, pins, cylinders
  • Can be used with all standard stud welders
  • For bolts with a diameter of 6 mm (M6) and a length of up to 40 mm
  • Made of copper - wear-resistant, long life, long service life, optimum conductivity


Stud welding chuck M6 - Copper

Welding bolts form the connecting element between the worked materials which are to be fastened and are therefore indispensable in stud welding. The stud welding chuck CHUCK M6 from Stamos Germany is suitable for holding these bolts, but also for screws, pins or cylinders with a diameter of 6 mm (M6) and a maximum length of 40 mm. The accessories are intended for use with stud welders and are compatible with the S-STUD1600 and S-STUD2500 models from Stamos Germany as well as all common welding machines.

The appropriate welding bolt is inserted into the stud holder and placed on the workpiece surface using a suitable stud welding tool. This is done by a pressure spring, which presses the bolt with the ignition tip onto the workpiece.

The weld stud holder is made of copper and has a long service life due to its resistance to corrosion. It is wear-resistant against the external effects occurring during welding and offers a long service life as well as optimum conductivity.

The stud holder CHUCK M6 from Stamos Germany is suitable for the following stud welding machines of the same series.


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