TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse
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TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse

Manufacturer: Stamos Basic | item number: EX10020011 | Model: S-WIGMA 250P / SPAWARKA TIG 250 Z P

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse
TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse
TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse
TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse
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Product highlights

  • TIG DC / MMA
  • Basic
  • 250 A/230 V
  • Pulse function
  • Duty cycle 60 %

With a welding current from 5 to 250 A, the S-WIGMA 250P can be used for either TIG or MMA welding, depending on the type of metal and your welding conditions. The welding machine has a duty cycle of 60 percent. The TIG welding machine welds using direct current (DC) and can be used for welding more robust metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper or brass.

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The control panel is clearly arranged and is easy to use while wearing welding gloves. Three toggle switches allow you to directly choose the basic welding functions (TIG, MMA, Pulse, On, Off). You can then set the required values using four dials.

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For TIG welding, simply select the pulse frequency on the control panel, which will enable you to precisely weld thin sheets, among other things. Depending on the model, you can use the dials to select and set the parameters pulse frequency, base current, peak current and decreasing the current as the arc goes out (down slope).

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No additional gas is required for MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding, enabling you to use it outdoors even in strong wind. The hot-start function on the electrode welder ensures an automatic and short-term increase of the welding current at the start of the welding process. This creates a clean, stable weld from the very first moment.

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The MMA welding clamps can grasp even large electrodes with a diameter of up to 4 mm. With the MMA welding method, you can weld materials such as steel, iron, cast iron, nickel or copper from 1,5 to 10 mm thick. The welding machine enables you to correctly install and maintain railings, stairs, gates, doors, containers or metal machinery.

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The device is equipped with an overheat protection. The warning light lights up if the duty cycle is exceeded and the device is becoming overheated, or in the event of a sudden malfunction. The air cooling also provides additional safety during operation.

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  • Powerful—duty cycle of 60% at 250 A
  • Exact—precise welding thanks to perfect control of all welding parameters
  • Variable—adjustable values for down slope, pulse frequency and base current
  • Efficient—electrode welding with Hot Start
  • High-performance—powerful MOSFET technology with HF ignition

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse

The TIG welder S-WIGMA 250P from Stamos Germany provides precise welding results thanks to the pulse function. This device also offers the option of using the flexible MMA welding technique, for which you don't require additional shielding gas. This versatile welding machine can be put to work in trade workshops, home workshops or on construction sites.

Rated input voltage
230 V, 1 phase
50 Hz
Rated input current
18,8 A
Max. input current
28 A
Rated input power
4,1 kVA
Max. input power
6 kVA
Open circuit voltage
56 V
Ignition (TIG)
HF - high-frequency
Welding current TIG-DC
5 - 250 A
MMA welding current
5 - 250 A
Duty cycle
60 % (TIG)
60% (MMA)
Welding current at 100 % duty cycle
193 A (TIG)
193 A (MMA)
Welding current at 60 % duty cycle
250 A (TIG)
250 A (MMA)
85 %
Pulse current
5 - 250 A
Base current
5 - 250 A
Pulse frequency
0,5 - 2 Hz
Down slope
0 - 5 s
Gas post-flow time
3 s
Diameter, electrode (TIG)
0,5 - 3,2 mm
Diameter, electrode (MMA)
1,6 - 4 mm
Welding strength
0,5 - 10 mm
Pulse switch
Hot start
Length of electrode holder with cable
3,6 m
Length, ground cable
3,6 m
Length, TIG hose package
4 m
Insulation class
Protection class
Device cooling
Dimensions (LxWxH)
43 x 29 x 20 cm
12,35 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
63,7 x 29,2 x 40,3 cm
Shipping weight
18,5 kg
Technical drawing
Delivery Package
  • TIG welder S-WIGMA 250P
  • Ground cable with clamp: 3.6 m
  • Electrode holders with cable: 3.6 m
  • TIG welding torch: 4 m
  • 3 clamping sleeves (2.0 / 2.4 / 3.2 mm)
  • Clamping sleeve housing
  • Long torch cover
  • Short torch cover
  • 3 gas nozzles (5, 6, 7 mm)
  • Instruction manual

The welder is equipped with a MOSFET transistor. This technology represents the highest standards of performance combined with compact and lightweight design. The result is 93% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensures a perfect weld.

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Powerful fans ensure an optimal removal of heat from the unit.


TIG/MIG and MAG welding require a protective gas. Inert gases, such as argon and helium, as well as active gases (for example carbon dioxide) and other mixtures can be used. The solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas. The valve is operated via a button on the torch.

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On the back of every welding machine is a screw with an earthing mark. Before use, earth the unit via a cross-section cable, which must be at least 6 mm².








This device works with a 1-phase connection (230 V +/- 10 %).


A non-contact high-frequency ignition in TIG mode ensures a cleaner weld starting point.




The time taken of the output welding current to lower to that of the terminal current.


The time after the weld is finished in which gas continues to flow from the torch; this cools the burner and protects the weld from oxidation.


This function reduces the heat to the material. It is primarily suitable for welding thin plates. If MIG welding is used, it is perfect for aluminium welding.


The frequency of impulses during pulse mode.


The maximum value of the electric current while in pulse mode.


The current which maintains the arc while in pulse mode.


Start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.


Through automatically boosting the tension at the ignition of the arc, this function facilitates the electrical arc ignition. After ignition, the unit automatically returns to the pre-set voltage.

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A welding method in which the arc is maintained through an electrical current supplied from a non-consumable electrode. The arc is protected from the access of air by an inert gas.

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Electrode welding with a coated electrode.




Used to switch the pulse function on and off.


By using the SHIFT key the welding mode can be selected.


The LED light indicates overheating or a malfunction.

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Reviews from AM (16 May 2022)
Reviews from AM (16 May 2022) Schweissgerät

Prompt geliefert. Bei Rückfrage erreichbar und kooperativ.

Reviews from Jenkins (22 Aug 2021)
Reviews from Jenkins (22 Aug 2021) Impressive

Impressive pice of kit, spent 5 hours burning ok48 electrodes as an arc inverter and was supper impressed each electrode lite first time and produced a very smooth arc. Tig mode super easy to weld with havent tryed the pulse yet. Impressed by quality and price.

Reviews from Filipe melo (25 Aug 2020)
Reviews from Filipe melo (25 Aug 2020) Aprovado

Apesar de ter vindo sem 1 parafuso de lado está aprovado. Muito bom

Reviews from Amazon Customer (3 Nov 2019)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (3 Nov 2019) Sehr zu empfehlen!

Ich habe vor vier Jahren das Vorgängermodell gekauft und viele hundert Stunden damit (im WIG-Modus) geschweißt. Jetzt ist es kaputt (die Sicherung fliegt andauernd). Und doch bin ich hochzufrieden, weil es so lange und ausdauernd funktioniert hat. Es ist handlich und macht was es machen soll. Von kleinen feinen Schweißstellen bis zu groben mit viel Strom - alles funktioniert zu meiner Zufriedenheit!!!

Reviews from Amazon Customer (26 Mar 2014)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (26 Mar 2014) Schweißgerät

Schweißgerät Stamos WIGMA 250 P, ist leicht, kompakt und Baustellentauglich. E-Handschweißen ok. Kann es weiter empfehlen.Bisher null Probleme. OK

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This product
  • TIG DC / MMA
  • Basic
  • 250 A/230 V
  • Pulse function
  • Duty cycle 60 %

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - pulse

Instead of: 399.00€   329.00€  

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

  • TIG DC / MMA
  • Basic
  • 250 A/230 V
  • Pulse function
  • Duty cycle 60 %
  • TIG DC / MMA
  • 250 A/230 V
  • Hot Start / LED
  • Incl. shoulder strap
  • Power fan

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - portable

TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - portable

Instead of: 389.00€   359.00€  

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

  • TIG DC / MMA
  • 250 A/230 V
  • Hot Start / LED
  • Incl. shoulder strap
  • Power fan