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Model: ST-ES-200

Electronic Safe - 31 x 20 x 20 cm

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  • Secure—combination lock of 3 to 8 digits and 2 emergency keys
  • Sturdy—compact, 31 x 20 x 20 cm powder-coated steel housing
  • Practical—pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Gentle—felt lining protects from scratches
  • Ready—incl. 2 keys and 4 AA batteries


The secure electronic safe for your valuables

Don't leave documents, keys or data media lying out in the open—store it safely in the electronic safe ST-ES-200 from Stamony. The compact electronic safe offers security and stability and is an optimal solution for protecting valuable items from unauthorised access.

The compact mobile safe with combination lock and emergency key

The mini safe is made of robust powder-coated steel. With its compact dimensions of 31 x 20 x 20 cm, there is space for this security safe box in any office furnishings or even inside a cupboard to store valuable objects inconspicuously and safely. The up to 4 mm-thick steel construction is equipped with mounting holes with which you can fasten the safe from the interior to a secure place. The door's suspension is securely integrated into the furniture safe and cannot be levered open from the outside.

The extra-thick safe door is equipped with a combination lock which you can program with a 3- to 8-digit number combination. This makes the lock, which is equipped with two steel bolts, virtually unbreakable. If, however, you happen to forget your combination, you can also open the mini safe using a security key. The two included emergency keys should therefore be kept in a secure location.

The furniture safe has an LED display which indicates the state of the safe and warns when the battery is running low. The safe comes with four batteries so you can start using the safe immediately. The interior is lined with felt for storing your valuables safely and gently. Trust in the security solutions from Stamony and protect your valuables in this extremely sturdy mobile safe with combination lock.