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Stamony stands for reliable and modern money counters at fair prices. The devices you will find in the product range are compact bank note counters which convince with an easy, almost intuitive way of operation. The high-class materials, attachment parts as well as displays used are thoroughly processed and offer a well-shaped user surface which is easy to clean.

All money counters by Stamony noticeably speed up counting money and thus help the user save precious time at work and thereby make the day to day business more efficient for sole traders as well as commercial enterprises. A great benefit next to counting and sorting the money is the simultaneous false money detection. This is realised through UV light tests and magnet colour and magnet code checks. Here the sensitivity can be individually adjusted. The devices offered can also reliably separate notes that are stuck together and thus provide a correct end result.

Stamony offers the money counters PROTEC, PROSEC and PROMON in its product range, which differ by the possibilities of detecting false money. The money counting machine PROMON, as front runner model, offers the note thickness test as well as the proven fluorescence test (UV) and magnetism test (MG). Thus this device is perfectly suited for ensuring efficient, precise and especially safe counting of money.