Sheet Sander

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When it comes to completing big tasks, you need tools that will offer long-lasting, efficient and comfortable use – with great results! Manual sanding and grinding can be extremely tough and time-staking work, especially when working on rough or large surface areas (or both!). It’s easy to wonder how they did it in the old days! Luckily, we can trust the modern hardware experts at MSW to take the manual effort out of tough sanding jobs. The MSW sheet sander is the ideal choice for professional and private users alike when working with wood, stone or metal surfaces.

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• Trusted hardware brand: MSW • For sanding and grinding large surface areas • Suitable for use on wood, stone and metal • Low-cost and long-lasting • Lightweight and compact • 1 sanding sheet and vacuum adaptor included

Our cheapest sheet sander is another hardware gem from the experts at MSW. We put our seal of approval on the MSW range when it comes to sanders, grinders, drills and more. As proud suppliers for professionals in construction, repair and craft, MSW create powerful equipment that is built to last, giving you years of return on investment at low prices. Physical tasks such as sanding can take its toll on your work-force overtime. That’s why it’s imperative to offer ergonomic tools that are fit for the task. The MSW sheet sander from our full range of power tools is ideal for workshops, construction, and restoration, as well as home DIY and hobbyists. This lightweight sheet sander can be used for polishing wood or stone, and removing rust from metal surfaces. With a large square grinding surface, the sheet grinder evenly covers a wide range in minimal time. The point shape of the sheet sander also gives you excellent control when smoothing out trickier areas such as corners and edges. With a 2m power cable and ergonomic handle, the portable sheet sander can be operated with ease and control. Powered with 135W, the grinder operates at an impressive 12,000 rpm, which can be adjusted for continuous use, or manually switched on and off when working on smaller details. Its sanding surface (one sheet included with every order) can be easily replaced using the efficient lever, and with a vacuum adapter included, you can even keep your workspace neat and tidy by clearing dust as you work. That’s efficiency we can put our name to!

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• Discover our full range of safe professional equipment • Wide range of electric sanders • Lightweight and durable • Suitable on wood, metal, plastic and stone • Burnishing devices for large areas • Choose from a variety of finishing styles

At Expondo, we understand that professional standards matter, even to those of your working at home. That’s why our full range of professional tools has something for every skill level. From gardening tools to garage equipment and everything in between, our focus is on safety, efficiency and ease of use. Of course, the same applies to our wide selection of industrial equipment and catering supplies for cafes, caterers and home chefs. When it comes to working with wood, metal, and stone, we know our detail sanders from our fillet weld grinders! In fact, in our wide range of electric sanders, you’ll find plenty of task-specific devices, as well as the sheet sander, such as mini grinders for tackling delicate or detailed surfaces right up to our burnishing machines for industrious, heavy-duty sanding jobs. With our high-powered burnishing machine, you can adjust the speed setting according to your desired finish, and away you go. Designed with an ergonomic grip, you can work at your own pace, with excellent ease of control. Now all that’s left is to get creative. Amongst our burnishing machines, you can choose from a range of finishes, such satin-sheen and matt finish. With a wide range of adaptable mops and brushes to choose from - the style is up to you!