Second Hand Professional Tools

The key to investing in equipment for your business is to balance excellent quality and great price. For heavy duty tasks like welding, engineering, and construction, it’s important not to compromise on power and results. Rigorously tested before being sold, our second hand professional tools are a great way to get great results without going over budget. All of our equipment, from welders and hammers to winches and garage doors, are built with sturdy materials and designed to last, so a little wear and tear is purely aesthetic.

Second hand professional tools, for great quality at low prices

• Same high quality, lower in price • Suitable across various industries and crafts • Welding, engineering training / schools • Hardwearing design • Safe and ergonomic use • Digital display

Quality second hand professional tools can be hard to come by. Even when investing in great brands, you need to be sure that your equipment has been examined for safety and results. Avoid any potential dodgy dealings and wasted expense by investigating the Expondo range. Featuring a wide range of devices for garages, welding, construction, craft and even home-use, our range of tools by globally trusted brands such as Stamos Germany is regularly updated, competitively priced and always tested for safety. Whether you’re working on site, at home, or training in an engineering or construction school, your tools should speak highly of your work. When it comes to our power-tools, our rotary hammers, cutters, and welders are efficiently powered with high output to tackle heavy duty materials, even thick steel plates. Built with safety and comfort in mind, all of our handheld power tools are designed with ergonomic handling, safety signals, and clear display units for adapting settings with ease. Many of our second hand professional tools can even be used with little prior experience, the perfect investment for a budding DIY enthusiast. Take our selection of welders, for instance. For construction, auto repair, sculpture and design, our versatile welders are suited for a wide range of different applications using techniques such as MIG/MAG, TIG and combined welding. Always with safety in mind, next in our range of great value second hand professional tools, we selection of welding accessories and safety equipment from visors and hemets, to flexible welding gloves.

The secure choice

Whether you’re operating a garage, a construction business or simply investing for your home, it’s important to keep your vehicles, tools and industrial equipment protected from the elements and from potential theft. In our range of great value second hand professional tools, we often feature good-as-new garage door kits, in a wide range styles. Choose hardwearing, insulated sectional doors from the garage experts at MSW Motors in white, black and wood effect finish with remote control operating systems for easy use. Again from the experts at MSW, we also stock a selection of powerful winches in our second hand professional tools range. Choose from high quality rope hoists, chain hoists and block levers for indoor use and out, as well as our robust offroad winches for towing and moving vehicles and heavy machinery. With a maximum traction force of 9,500 lbs, these high powered winches can be used to haul jeeps, ATVS, trailers, and more, with both forward feed and retraction functions. We also feature great professional tools for repairs such as garage lifting equipment for examining and repairing vehicles and LCD seperators for smartphone repairs. Our range of second hand professional tools doesn’t stop at craft supplies. We also feature a wide range of catering equipment, from cookers and chopping devices to storage and refrigeration units. As well as this, we also stock great quality second hand industrial supplies such as our high-powered melting furnaces, ultrasonic cleaners and industrial scales. Don’t forget that our second hand range is updated frequently, so keep an eye on the full Expondo catalogue for the best deals for your business.