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No matter what industry you work in, you want to be confident in the equipment you invest in and make sure that you’re getting value for money. In our second hand equipment category, you’ll find a wide selection of second-hand catering, craft and industrial equipment at up to 15% off the original price. We only stock second hand equipments that are of top quality, so whether you’re in the restaurant business, working in a laboratory or even as an independent craftsman, we carry a range of that will suit your budget and give you a great return on investment.


  • High Quality products, reduced prices
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Checked by experts before being resold
  • Second Hand products available across our whole range

Find quality catering, craft and industrial equipment at cheaper prices in our second hand equipments

Whether you’re a professional or even tackling some home DIY, second hand equipments are a great option for getting quality equipment at low prices. None of us should underestimate the costs of starting a new business, and second hand equipments are a particularly good option if you’re starting out as a young firm or opening a new restaurant. All of our industrial equipment is built to stand the test of time, so when it comes to our second-hand stock, you can be confident that visible wear and tear is purely superficial, and functionality and performance are never compromised. For your peace of mind, we guarantee that all of our second hand stock is meticulously checked by our experts before being displayed on our second hand equipment page.

From stainless steel kitchenware from the brand Royal Catering to our range of craft supplies from Stamos Welding, quality and performance are good as brand new. We know that when investing in catering equipment or craft tools, the safety of your employees is paramount. When it comes to health and safety standards, we treat our second hand material as new with the same level of safety checks; that means no electrical faults or damages. So whether you’re looking for a new range of power tools or a quality contact grill for the grand opening of your new burger joint, you’ll find plenty of great options at the price that’s right.

Never waste a second chance

We regularly update our second hand equipments with new additions, so no matter what industry you work in, it’s good to keep an eye out for the equipment you need. In our second-hand catering equipment, we’ve got a diverse range of catering toasters, contacts grills and deep fat fryers. And for storage and display solutions, our range of second hand stainless steel cabinets and cooling displays are ‘second’ to none! One of our second hand favourites is the Royal Catering crepe makers; for the light and delicious Breton dessert that’s a welcome favourite in kitchens around the world. And for a quirky bar or party snack, our popcorn makers are a regular highlight on our second hand equipment page.

We’ve also got you covered with our diverse range of second-hand craft supplies, with our rotary hammers designed for easy drilling, hammering and chiselling, and include a comprehensive set of accessories as standard. Budding craftsmen and jewellers will be pleased to find a range of melting pots and ultrasonic cleaners amongst our second hand equipments, for an excellent return on investment when creating beautiful, hand-crafted designs. In our range of used industrial equipment, we stock a diverse selection of platform scales suitable for weighing large loads of deliveries and goods, depending on your business’ needs. Across the board, we pride ourselves on stocking only high quality and lost-lasting equipment. So whether you’re running a kitchen, taking your first leap in the craft industry, or overseeing a sprawling factory, keep an eye on our range of second hand equipments. With up to 15% off, you might just find the bargain you’ve been looking for.