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Sauna Control Panel with Sauna Stones - LED display - 20 kg - for Uniprodo sauna heaters

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  • Multifunctional—easy-to-read LED display with controls for temperature, time and light
  • Simple—easy to install and operate, can be wall-mounted
  • Compatible—control panel for Uniprodo sauna heaters UNI_SAUNA_V9.0KW and UNI_SAUNA_V6.0KW
  • Durable—high-quality and resilient materials
  • Effective—excellent thermal storage and heat conductivity
  • Compatible—pollutant-free sauna stones suitable for all Uniprodo sauna heaters including UNI_SAUNA_V9.0KW, UNI_SAUNA_V6.0KW, UNI_SAUNA_11.5KW, UNI_SAUNA_S4.5KW


Stones and sauna control! The perfect accessories for your Uniprodo sauna heater

Do you want one single device that can control the temperature, time and light for your sauna? Then the high-quality sauna control panel UNI_SAUNA_C01 from the sauna accessories collection of Uniprodo, the experts for health and beauty, is the perfect choice! Once you've mounted the sauna controller on the exterior wall, installed the switch box inside the sauna cabin, and connected the wiring to the sauna heater, nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment of your sauna.

Healthy and relaxing sweating with the sauna stones from Uniprodo's sauna accessories collection

You can keep an eye on all the important data when using your sauna heater on the easy-to-read and easy-to-use LED digital display—you can check the measured temperature, set time, operating status and whether the light is on. The sturdy and attractively-designed ABS plastic sauna controller is perfect for navigating and controlling the Uniprodo sauna heaters UNI_SAUNA_V9.0KW and UNI_SAUNA_V6.0KW.

The sauna stones UNI_SAUNA_S01 stand out for their excellent heat storage capacity and heat conductivity and will continue to radiate beneficial heat into the sauna cabin long after the stove has been turned off. The 13 to 18 cm sauna stones are real eye-catchers thanks to their individual patterns. In order to achieve an optimum chimney effect, smaller stones should be carefully layered between the heating elements. Larger specimens are stacked on top of each other, just like an inverted pyramid.

The pollutant-free stones fit perfectly in all Uniprodo electric sauna heaters, but are also suitable for most models from other manufacturers. The 20 kg of sauna heater stones are plenty for medium to large sauna heaters. The sauna heating stones will give you countless hours of relaxation in your sauna thanks to their long lifetime. In order to maintain their durability and efficiency, the stones should occasionally be rearranged in order to stress them evenly. In private saunas, it is advisable to replace the stones with new ones every two years or so—in continuous operation in a commercial sauna, preferably once a year. In between, clean the sauna stones thoroughly with warm water and a brush.