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Model: RCVG-49

Vacuum Sealer Bags - 100 pcs. - 30 x 40 cm

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  • Versatile—for airtight and food-safe packaging of food, liquids, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.
  • Universal—100 bags measuring 30 x 40 cm
  • Resilient—particularly tear-resistant thanks to multi-layered 75 μm-thick foil
  • Heat-resistant—also suited for sous-vide cooking
  • Fresh—products stay fresh and retain their flavour and aroma


Robust vacuum sealer bags for versatile use

Whenever you need to safe package your food, liquids, medicine and much more, the RCVG-49 vacuum bags from Royal Catering have your back. The vacuum sealer bags are perfectly suited for the retail trade, for hotels and for the home kitchen—as well as for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sector.

100 tear-resistant vacuum sealer bags from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

Each of the 100 vacuum seal bags enables you to store a wide variety of products for long periods of time while reducing the storage space required for goods, liquids and documents, which is extremely space-efficient. The bags measure 30 x 40 cm and are 75 μm thick.

The vacuum sealing bags consist of multiple material layers (PET, AL and PE) and have a specially-developed microstructure which ensures that the goods can be vacuum sealed faster and better than with conventional vacuum bags. The bags are also particularly food-safe, tear-resistant, and highly durable. The vacuum sealer bags tolerate major temperature fluctuations and can be deep-frozen and reheated without problems. As a result, they are also suitable for cooking with the sous-vide method in a hot water bath.

Vacuum-packed products in vacuum bags not only stay fresh, but also retain their flavour and aroma as they cannot be oxidised by air or develop fungi or bacteria in the bag. The vacuum sealer bags RCVG-49 can be used with any standard vacuum packing machine and ensure perfect results every time.



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