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Model: RCPR-16E

Popcorn machine - red

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  • High-powered - due to 1,600 W for up to 5 kg of popcorn per hour
  • Incl. accessories - Delivery includes measuring spoon and shovel
  • Operative safety - Teflon coating, mixing system and overheat protection
  • Convenient - comfortable operation with interior lights
  • Easy to clean - Stainless steel construction and well thought out design


Popcorn machine – POP, POP, POP!

What’s red, retro and an absolute eye-catcher? The popcorn machine RCPR-16E from Royal Catering! Its upbeat design and perky red enamelled roof are sure to be a hit, not to mention it’s heated, has an illuminated chamber, a stirring system and an automatic thermostat. This popcorn machine is powered by 1,600 W and reaches the operating temperature quickly thanks to its high-performance values and automatic thermostat. You can produce as much as 16 L of popcorn per hour (about 5 kg/h). Whether you are making white or yellow popcorn or making different flavours of popcorn – this popcorn machine makes anything possible.Best of all, the pot is Teflon-coated and prevents the popcorn from burning. It has a diameter of 18.5 cm and a depth of 5.8 cm and can be removed for easy cleaning. Our recommendation for crunchy popcorn: Use coconut oil, as it can withstand temperatures of 240 °C without burning.This popcorn machine is also easy to clean because of its high-quality stainless steel, which is highly robust and totally food safe. For events, parties or a night on the sofa, this popcorn machine is just what you need!