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Model: RCAK-3MM

Meat Cutter Blade - 3 mm - Royal Catering - Stainless steel

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  • Effective – cuts 3 mm wide strips evenly
  • Compatible – for RCFW-110D-PRO meat slicers from Royal Catering
  • Low-maintenance – made of food-safe and corrosion-resistant Stainless steel
  • Simple – can be easily exchanged with existing blade of the meat cutter RCFW-110D-PRO
  • Durable – robust steel construction withstands high loads


The meat cutter blade for 3 mm-wide strips

Do you need to prepare even 3 mm wide strips of meat with the meat slicer RCFW-110D-PRO from Royal Catering (not included in delivery)? Then the meat slicer blade RCAK-3MM is the right choice to get exactly the desired strip width. It can be easily exchanged with the existing blade and is ready to use from the start!

Evenly sliced ingredients with the meat slicer blade

There are slicing rollers with evenly arranged blades inside a stable steel frame, which is pushed completely into the meat strip cutter. The cutting mechanism is powered by the machine and continuously slices strips of meat slices, which are fed into the machine. The meat slicer blade has been designed for continuous operation and can cut large quantities of meat into 3 mm strips. Whether you need to cut pork, chicken or beef, it is up to you, but the meat should be free of pieces of bone.

The stainless steel used is food-safe and can be cleaned easily after use. It is also highly corrosion-resistant and durable. As a result, the blade meets all requirements for the highest gastronomic standards.



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