Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Item: EX20011882


Model: RC-WDSS6

Factory second Wine Fridge - with taps - 6 bottles - stainless steel

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  • Practical—wine fridge with integrated dispensers for six bottles of wine
  • Versatile—temperature of 7 °C to 18 °C is ideal for white, rosé, and young red wines
  • Robust—tempered glass doors and solid construction
  • Elegant—materials such as glass and stainless steel and the lighting present the wines in a classic and appealing style
  • Precise—accurate temperature control thanks to LED display


Cool indulgence from the wine fridge with integrated dispenser

The wine fridge with taps guarantees an appropriate temperature as well as optimal storage and service of your wines, and displays them with sophistication thanks to the lighting. This wine fridge with integrated dispensers is the perfect addition to bars, hotels, cafés and restaurants—or for the wine connoisseur.

The sophisticated and elegant refrigeration equipment from Royal Catering's catering equipment selection

The wine refrigerator provides professional storage for six wine bottles. The temperature can be precisely set in a range between 7 and 18 °C—ideal for white, rosé and red wines—and can be monitored at a glance on the LED display. The integrated wine dispensers allow you to serve the wine neatly and conveniently without having to open the wine cooler. The quantity to be dispensed can be precisely set between 1 and 99 ml. A refillable gas cartridge necessary for easy operation is included. Another advantage of the wine chiller is that the valuable beverages retain their taste and quality for up to 30 days despite the bottles being opened. The eye-catching lighting is a visual highlight, thanks to which exquisite wines can be skilfully and beautifully displayed.

The wine dispenser has two separate cooling chambers with doors made entirely of tempered glass which can be quietly opened and closed. The rest of the housing is made of stainless steel with plastic elements used sparingly and only in essential places, which makes the device look attractive while also giving it a durable and resilient quality.

The wine chiller makes less noise than a softly purring cat. Thanks to the extremely low noise level, the wine fridge is ideal for living spaces where your guests want to spend time or work undisturbed.