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Model: RCSSWC-140X45-S

Factory second Stainless Steel Hanging Cabinet - 140 x 45 cm

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  • Plenty of storage space—spacious hanging cabinet is 140 cm wide and has three shelves
  • Elegant—stainless steel surfaces underscore the high-quality nature of the wall cabinet
  • Resilient—sturdy construction with a total maximum load of 60 kg
  • Sliding doors—protect food and kitchen appliances from dirt
  • Low-maintenance—smooth surfaces and flexible doors are easy to clean


The elegant stainless steel hanging cabinet brings order to the kitchen

Do you need space for dishes, containers, pots, equipment or food? Then the stainless steel hanging cabinet RCSSWC-140X45-S, specially designed for professional use in kitchens, is just right for you. With the stainless steel furniture from Royal Catering you can create lasting order in your kitchen. The stainless steel hanging cabinet offers three storage areas for various utensils and always cuts a fine figure in your kitchen.

Plenty of space in the wall cabinet from Royal Catering

The wall cupboard offers plenty of storage space on three shelves and with the overall dimensions of 140 x 45 x 60 cm. The large capacity goes hand in hand with a compact design. Each of the three shelves can hold up to 200 kg, meaning the entire kitchen wall cupboard can hold up to 60 kg. In addition, the middle shelf allows a clear division inside the wall cabinet.

Keep your kitchen utensils, appliances, food supplies or spices organised on this hanging cupboard. The hanging wall cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel and is therefore highly durable and resilient because the robust material does not react with food and is resistant to corrosion and deposits. The smooth, nonporous surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.

Two sliding doors protect your items from light and dust. The low-friction doors run on stable rollers in high-quality tracks and open and close smoothly every time. They also take up less space than doors that open outward, making the kitchen wall cupboard particularly suitable for small kitchens.

The stainless steel hanging cabinet is easy to install and can be simply hung on the wall. The stainless steel cabinet is therefore extremely stable and resilient.