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Factory second Hot Dog Grill - 7 rollers - Royal Catering - stainless steel

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  • Efficient – rollers coated with stainless steel heat up quickly
  • Low-maintenance – easy to clean due to stainless steel
  • Reliable – variable temperature control from 0 - 200 °C
  • Practical – two separate heating zones suitable for keeping warm and cooking sausages
  • Hygienic – cleanliness due to removable collecting drawer


Compact stainless steel hot dog grill with 7 rollers

With the compact RC-HTR7WOC hot dog grill from Royal Catering, frying and keeping warm sausages of all kinds is child's play. Its energy efficiency, intuitive operation and low weight make it a portable and economical device that should not be missing from any kitchen. With its robust construction and high-quality components, the hot dog maker is especially suitable for professional use in catering establishments such as snack bars, restaurants or gas stations.

Its easy operation makes it perfect for snack bars

With its 7 powerful heating elements, the RC-HTR7WOC ensures a quick and efficient preparation of up to 12 hotdog sausages The stainless steel  coated rollers rotate automatically through 360° so that each sausage is heated evenly. The temperature can be set between 0 - 200 °C.

The two heating zones of the hot dog machine are located in the front and rear rollers. They are controlled by separate thermostats, so you can fry sausages and keep them warm at the same time. There is a removable drip tray located below the rollers to catch and easily dispose of excess grease. Operation is intuitive and safe. The hot dog device is switched on and off via a toggle switch. Set the desired temperature with the handy rotary knobs. You can also tell from the signal lights whether the grill has reached the required heat. With the intuitive controls, you can always keep an eye on the cooking process.

The device from Royal Catering's food service equipment selection is made of high-quality stainless steel and therefore highly robust and durable. Stainless steel protects against scratches, corrosion damage and mechanical damage. The hot dog steamer is also easy to clean. Frankfurters, hot dogs or bratwurst – no matter what kind of meat you use to prepare your hot dogs, with the RC-HTR7WOC from Royal Catering you can prepare delicious snacks for your customers in no time.