Item: EX20011974


Model: RC-HKS01

Factory second Electric Kettle - coffee and tea station - 1.2 L - 1,800 W - wireless

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  • Powerful—fast heating of water with 1,800 W
  • Spacious—capacity of 1.2 L for infusion of large quantities of hot drinks
  • Safe—heat-insulated carrying handle and automatic switch-off ensure safety
  • Durable—robust and easy-care stainless steel
  • Mobile—wireless kettle


For hot tea, coffee and cocoa in the hotel room! The fast electric kettle with 1,800 W

For tea, coffee or cocoa: The wireless electric kettle RC-HKS01 from Royal Catering, the experts for high-quality catering supplies, is the perfect appliance for rapidly heating of water. The kettle holds 1.2 L of liquid and is therefore the ideal size for hotel rooms, break rooms or at the reception.

Professional hot water boilers from Royal Catering

The heating element in the tray of the tea station with kettle produces a strong 1,800 W. In just about three minutes, up to 1.2 L of water is bubbling inside. As soon as the water boils and the indicator light turns off, the appliance switches off automatically. To prevent you from burning your fingers, the stainless steel hot water kettle has a heat-insulated carrying handle on the side. The robust lid can also be unfolded risk-free due to the integrated handle—there is no contact with the casing. Through the large opening the hot water boiler can be filled in seconds. The operation is very simple and takes place via the on-off switch.

Tea bags, instant coffee, spoons, sugar bags or sweeteners can be presented decoratively in the four storage compartments. The integrated drip tray ensures cleanliness at all time. The boiler can be rotated by 360° on the base and can therefore be operated easily by both right-handed and left-handed users. The stainless steel sieve firmly installed in the spout prevents unwanted impurities such as lime.

The materials, such as food-safe stainless steel, are not only very hygienic and durable, but also extremely easy to clean. Choose the 1.2 L kettle from Royal Catering for your hotel rooms now—everything else will leave you cold!