Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
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Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | item number: EX10010917 | Model: RCLK-W600

Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L
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Product highlights

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  • Volume: 590 l
  • Power: 235 W
  • 3 Inserts
  • Lockable swing door
  • Temperature range: 0 - 8 °C

The industrial fridge has a capacity of 590 Litres. For optimum use of the interior, a total of 3 shelves are at your disposal. Two of them measure 53 x 67 cm each and the other one 31,5 x 68 cm. You can determine their positions depending on the container dimensions. Whether stockpots, GN containers of different sizes or vacuum sealed sausages, the individual distribution of the storage area ensures that everything only takes as much space as it needs.

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The industrial fridge uses the R600a refrigerant, which has excellent thermodynamic properties and high energy efficiency. In addition, the environmentally friendly coolant has no negative effects on the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect. By means of the 180 Watt Zanussi compressor, the desired temperature is quickly reached and maintained. In addition to that, the compressor impresses with its low noise lever and durability.  

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By means of the digital thermostat you can maintain the temperature constant. The temperature can be simply adjusted between 0 and 8 °C via the control panel. This way, you can make sure the settings perfectly suit the food you intend on cooling. The defrost function can also be controlled by means of the control panel, which prevents the fridge from freezing.

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The swing door is easy to open and close with handles. It has a built-in lock for locking the refrigerator and protecting it from unauthorized access. For those cases where the key gets lost, no worries: A spare one is provided.

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The high-quality case is made of powder-coated steel. This material is characterised by its high resistance and durability. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and they are resistant to external influences. The fridge is equipped with two wheels and two adjustable, slip-free rubber feet. This way you can transport the fridge easier and adapt it to the required surface.

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  • Enough place for large amounts of food
  • Coolant R600a: high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly
  • Precise cooling results via the digital Thermostat
  • Optimal cooling temperature between 0 and 8 °C
  • 3 large, height-adjustable inserts for an optimal use of the storage space

Fridge - 590 L

Plenty of types of food only stay fresh and tasty when kept cool. The fridge RCLK-W600 offers plenty of space – that way, even on the busiest of days you will have enough cooled food on hand. It doesn’t matter if you need fresh fruits, already prepared dishes and sauces, drinks, soups or milk products: this refrigerator reliably keeps everything cool and ready for you to prepare.

Item number
230 V
590 l
Temperature range
0 - 8 °C
235 W
Rated current
2 A
Power consumption for 24 hours
1,5 kWh
Power consumption over a year
567 kWh
Energy class
Cooling agent
Material, casing
Powder-coated steel
Material, interior
White coated steel
Type of door
Swing door
Number of inserts
Insert dimensions
1. 53 x 67 cm (2 x)
2. 68 x 31,5 cm
Noise level
43,4 dB
Height-adjustable feet, front
20 - 35 mm
Digital thermostat
Protection class
Power cable length
2,8 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
77 x 73 x 184 cm
83 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
81,7 x 76,5 x 200 cm
Shipping weight
97 kg
Delivery Package
  • Commercial Refrigerator RCLK-W600
  • 3 Inserts
  • 2 Keys
  • Operating instructions

Very large capacity of 590 L for many products


Versatile: Cooling temperature of -2 to 8 °C


Perfect for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and petrol stations

Intuitive control panel with digital thermostat

Security is guaranteed by a lock

Tested by Michał Orłowski, head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Fan effectively distributes cold air

Practical LED interior lighting


Durable doors with seals


Adjustable feet guarantee stability


I use water and vinegar to clean the interior. This solution is perfect for destroying bacteria and is food-safe.

I always place a slice of lemon and a small dish of baking soda in the refrigerator. This prevents the development of unpleasant smells.


Includes 3 height-adjustable shelves


Energy-saving compressor and efficient refrigerant R600


Made of durable powder-coated steel

Highly visible


Is this fridge loud?

No, with a maximum of only 43,4 dB, this device is certainly more quiet than similar models of the same size.

Could I store stockpots or dessert bowls in a standing position?

This is possible, since each of the three inserts can be adjusted in height. That way, large objects fit just as well as smaller ones.

How can I make sure my cooled food is safe?

The door is secured with a lock, with which you can lock the fridge if necessary, thus preventing unauthorised access. A spare key is included in the delivery.

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This product
  • Volume: 590 l
  • Power: 235 W
  • 3 Inserts
  • Lockable swing door
  • Temperature range: 0 - 8 °C

Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 6-12 workdays

Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L

Commercial Refrigerator - 590 L


Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 6-12 workdays

  • Volume: 590 l
  • Power: 235 W
  • 3 Inserts
  • Lockable swing door
  • Temperature range: 0 - 8 °C