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Model: Z252603PG002

7-in-1 Toolbox set with platform and organizer

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  • Set – consists of a platform, two boxes (200 Flex + 100 Flex), a tool case, two multi organizers and an organizer plus
  • Stable – Polypropylene and rubber wheels with brakes ensure maximum grip
  • Powerful – platform easily transports all your Qbrick System cases, boxes and organisers
  • Organised – two organisers for more order in the tool case or in the 200 Flex box and an organiser for small parts
  • Compatible – the clip system securely connects the platform, tool case, tool box and organizer


Seven in one go with the Toolbox set by Qbrick System

Qbrick System offers a mobile, endlessly combinable storage system for tool cases, tool boxes, roller boards and other storage options. In this set you get two tool boxes of different sizes, a tool case, three matching organizers and a stable platform with wheels. Whether hobby craftsman or professional workshop, the set safely accommodates all your tools and keeps them in place and ready to hand.

Neatly stored in the clever plastic toolboxs

Do you want to conveniently store your tools in one place, but still have them ready to hand? Then the Toolbox set from Qbrick System is for you! Thanks to Rubberwheels, you can easily transport your tools directly to your workplace and have everything to hand. The combination of tool case and two boxes offers storage space of different sizes, which you can use optimally for your equipment. With the three organizers, even small parts are sensibly and clearly stored. The clip feature keeps everything together and can be used in any order!

The two tool boxes 200 and 100 Flex offer plenty of space for tools and other items that you need for your work. The 200 Flex tool box is equipped with an organizer multi, in which small parts can be stored. You will find additional storage space in the tool case, which is equipped with a practical handle. The tool case can also be fitted with an additional Organizer Multi. The boxes, like the suitcase, are equipped with partitions that allow structuring the interiors. In addition, the Organizer Plus offers additional compartments for screws, drills or similar small parts, which can be easily transported thanks to a handle.

A platform equipped with rubber rollers serves as the mobile basis in this set. All cases, boxes and organizers can be attached to it with the clip system and easily pushed to the place of use. The safe brakes, which fix the wheels if necessary, ensure the necessary stability when loading or unloading.

Thanks to the hard walls made of polypropylene, the set is extremely stable and powerful. All elements of the set offer optimal protection against water and dust and can also be used in harsh environments. In which order and how many parts of the set you want to take with you is up to you, because with its modular systems, Qbrick System offers you the freedom you need for your work!