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Model: PHY-HT-1

Factory second Torso Model - separable into 15 pieces - 26 cm tall

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  • Precise—highly detailed, accurate, and colourised 3D model
  • Dismountable—important organs can be removed
  • Versatile—ideal for use as a teaching aide, decoration or exhibition piece
  • Mobile—can be put to use immediately and everywhere
  • Accessories—comes with an educational poster


Precise torso model with removable organs

The 26 cm-tall torso model PHY-HT-1 from physa’s medical supplies collection features everything you could want in a three-dimensional replica of the human torso: All details of the trunk are precisely and anatomically moulded and carefully coloured. The most important organs also can be removed. This model is ideal for visualisation and exercises in doctor's clinics, hospitals, schools and universities.

The human torso with the most important organs

The scale of the anatomical torso model corresponds in miniature to the human prototype. The elements involved were designed realistically and in detail. Important organs like the eyeball, brain, lungs (separable into four parts), trachea, heart, liver, stomach, spleen, diaphragm and intestines, as well as the vertebrae, can be individually removed from the model torso.

This human torso model with organs is therefore a must-have in any doctor's surgery and serves as an ideal object of study. Important functions such as diseases can be explained in an understandable way with the help of this lifelike 3D model. The lifelike visualisation promotes understanding and the learning process as well as allowing precise analysis of the individual organ functions.

The use of special, lightweight plastic allows for particularly realistic shaping. This high degree of realism makes the torso anatomy model one of the most precise models available on the market. The particularly durable workmanship underlines the quality of this design. The anatomical model is mounted on a sturdy base which lends additional stability. A three-dimensional model of the highest quality.