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Item: EX20040403


Model: PHY-24NM-5

Factory second Neck Massager - Beige - Heat Function

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  • relaxing - relieves stress and neck and shoulder tension
  • effective – eight massage heads for a soothing massage
  • soothing – heat function increases the relaxing effect
  • comfortable - optimal fit and pleasant weight
  • mobile – ideal for travel, including car adapter


The neck massager for relaxation at home and on the go

One-sided activities, such as working on a computer or long car journeys often make the neck tense. But there is a remedy at hand - the neck massager PHY-24NM-5 from physa. It generally promotes health and offers wellness exactly when you want and need it the most.

Health & Wellness: Deep relaxation with the neck massager from physa

The beige neck massager not only relieves tension, but also has a calming and stress-reducing effect. You can use the neck and shoulder massager to increase general well-being in the neck and shoulder area or specifically counteract tension. The application is extremely simple.

You can activate the eight massage heads, which loosen your muscles evenly with a neck cushion and pleasant rotational movements. Depending on your needs, you can change the direction of rotation at the touch of a button for an even more balanced massage. All muscles in the neck and shoulder area are gently loosened until the tension is released.

The heat function can be activated with another button. The warmth supports the massage and helps to loosen the muscles effectively. The additional energy supply increases the general well-being with the comprehensive relaxing effect of the massage. Relax your neck and increase your health with a neck massage.

The compact and practical design make the neck massager ideal for the office or during travel – all you have to do is put it around your neck or on your shoulder. The adapter for the power connection in the car is particularly practical. You can easily use the neck support for relaxation during a short rest. If necessary, the easy-care material can be easily cleaned.