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Physa is the trusted brand of beauty experts, hairdressers and health professionals. The Physa range features a wide selection of salon equipment, wellness accessories, electric massage tables, and specialised cosmetic and pedicure chairs. Each device in this premium range is designed to help you furnish and optimise your studio, salon, or medical centre, and to offer your clients an unforgettable service.

Developed by professionals. Tested by experts. Loved by clients.

You want your clients to appreciate your care facility as a relaxing and trusting space where they can fully enjoy your services and treatments. Their well-being and satisfaction will depend, in no small way, on the atmosphere and the comfort that you offer them. Physa uses its years of experience to enable you give the best possible impression of your service and help you to generate a growing and long-term client-base.

We are proud of our brand mission: To provide high-quality products and specialist devices that go above and beyond in terms of comfort, convenience and design. Our thousands of satisfied clients are testament to this!

The launch of our new Physa products is the next step in growing our expertise across various professional industries. A dedicated team of wellness experts and product developers have worked side by side to achieve our goal of providing versatile, professional beauty and wellness products with excellent value for money.

The beauty industry is subject to the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and workplace safety. As a dedicated care and wellness brand, Physa take rigorous care in their choice of materials and design: You can trust the quality, reliability and sustainability of their products.

Moreover, Physa are constantly seeking to improve and optimise their products, and remain in constant communication with experts in the beauty and health industries in order to meet the needs of the modern client. Customer communication and feedback plays actively into the brand’s product-development. For this reason, Physa’s care and wellness products are highly versatile; customisable for a wide range of treatments and procedures, allowing you to always put the specific needs of your clients first.

Physa: Great performance, reasonable price

Every professional must consider price when investing in furniture and equipment. The Physa range features a diverse selection of professional equipment that caters to a range of budgets but never compromises on quality. Explore our range of Physa products today, and discover premium furniture and equipment that’s the perfect fit for you and your salon. After all, when you offer a premium service, you should have the professional equipment to match!

Explore the Expondo range and equip your business with professional tools that balance quality performance with excellent value for money!

Do you have any questions about Physa and its range of beauty and wellness products? To discuss the Physa range or for any other queries or feedback, feel free to get in touch with our customer service experts. Otherwise, we wish you a very pleasant visit, exploring the Expondo range.