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Model: PHY-HM-3

Anatomy Model - Hand - Four Pieces - Original Size - Muscle Degeneration

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  • precise - highly detailed and accurate 3D model in life-size (1:1)
  • can be disassembled – the skin, the superficial and the deeper muscles can be removed
  • versatile - ideal as a teaching object, for decoration or exhibition
  • mobile - already fully assembled and can be used immediately and anywhere
  • Accessories - a teaching board is included in delivery


Detailed anatomical hand model in original size with muscle degeneration

The life-sized 3D model of a hand PHY-HM-3 from the medical supplies by physa has everything that a realistic replica of a human hand requires: All muscles, vessels and nerves have been precisely and anatomically shaped. The skin, the superficial and deeper muscles can be removed for a better understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the symptoms of muscle degeneration. Due to its detailed colourization, it is the ideal model for visualization and exercises in medical practices, hospitals, schools and universities.

The human hand with all its functions in four parts

The scale of the model corresponds to the human dimensions in the size ratio 1:1. Its elements have been designed with many details and are highly realistic. The removable skin and the superficial and deeper muscles can be examined on this model as well as ligaments and vessels. The enlarged scale makes it possible to explain important relationships and functions of the human hand and pathogenic muscle degeneration.

This hand model is therefore a must for any orthopaedic practice and serves as an optimal study subject. Important functions as well as diseases can be explained in a comprehensible way with this lifelike 3D model and there is a teaching board included in delivery. The lifelike visualization promotes understanding and helps with the learning process, as the three-dimensional model allows for precise analyse of motion analysis.

It has been made from special, lightweight plastic for a particularly realistic shape. This high degree of reality makes the 3D hand one of the most precise models available on the market. The particularly robust workmanship of the 3D model highlights the quality of its construction. The model has been placed on a solid base for additional stability. A three-dimensional hand model of the best quality!