Panini maker

Panini makers are an easy way to intensifying the flavour of your food. Their speed and efficiency makes them suitable for all types of professional restaurants and catering outlets, particularly those such as food trucks and snack bars, which cater to customers looking for a quick bite to eat. A wide range of foods, including hot sandwiches, pancakes, sausages, and vegetables can be cooked, heated up or toasted in a panini maker - making it a multi-purpose device.

A premium panini maker for every budget

Being so easy to use, premium panini makers by the brand Royal Catering and Bartscher are just as suited for use in non-professional kitchens. Students looking to whip up a tasty toasty and at-home grilling enthusiasts should check out our cheapest panini maker, providing you with that professional grilling touch, but at a fraction of the cost. If you're looking to invest a bit more money in a high-tech grill, or just fancy upgrading, then our expert panini maker by Bartscher harnesses the innovative technology of Schott Cerane with grill plates, which are more durable than cast iron grill surfaces and also odour neutral. As well as this top of the range model, we also have a number of affordable, panini makers that fit comfortably into any modest budget. Depending on your grilling needs, you can choose between a panini maker with two ribbed surfaces (to create that classic double-sided grilled aesthetic), completely flat plates (perfect for warming flatbreads and additional griddling tasks) or mix it up with a ribbed top plate and a flat bottom plate.

If you need to slice some cheese, bacon or other ingredients before grilling, make sure you get your hands on one of our food slicers! Whatever you decide to cook, the fat collection trays included stops unwanted grease from collecting on your food, creating an altogether healthier dish for your customers. Select a vegetable slicer from our extensive list of kitchen appliances and you'll be able to effortlessly produce light and tasty salads that perfectly accompany your grilled goods. If you're looking to offer a more substantial side, then a deep fat fryer is ideal for creating chips, tempura, and fritters, amongst others things.

Easy to care for and use

A super speedy pre-heating time of 6 minutes ensures that no customer is left waiting whilst your panini maker warms up to the temperature of your choice. And a handy indicator light lets you know the moment your grill is ready to use. Whether you choose 50°C, the impressive maximum of 300°C or anything in between, 1800-2200 watts of power ensure that your device is fast-acting, reliable and precise, just like our craft supplies and industrial equipment. Tempt the hungry customer by preparing a few delicious grilled good in advance and storing them in one of our hot food displays - another valuable device listed in our ever-expanding range of quality catering equipment. Select a panini maker with a larger, doubled grill surface and you can autonomously control each side of the device, turning one or both grills on according to demand. You can also use double grill plates to grill different foods at the same time. Should you want to take your food preparation out into the great outdoors, we even have a barbeque that can be used both commercially for events such as street food markets, or by the everyday home cook, in their garden.

All our electric panini makers weigh between 12-26kg (for the single grills) and max. 36kg (for the double) making them simple to transport. Our devices are mainly manufactured from premium stainless steel casing and cast iron grill plates. These two materials are sturdy, durable and will ensure your panini maker has a long life. Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean. Regardless of which model you choose, purchase one of our panini makers and you'll have a sturdy, time-saving, multi-functional piece of equipment, that performs to the highest level and will give you a return on your investment in no time at all.